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Family Managed Business

Incharge Information

  • Vice President:

    Dr. Suhas Buddhe

  • Joint Secretary:

    Dr. Anita Rao

Other Core Committee Members

  • Mr Ashish Doshi, Hon. Secretary VIA
  • Mr Gaurav Sarda
  • Mr Praveen Rander

Family Managed Business

Merits : Family own businesses are still thriving in today’s competitive economy.

Trust : As all family members know each other and there is feeling of trust in each other.

Conviction : There is a greater sense of commitment and accountability by all family members due to involvement of reputation stake of the entire family. It is natural that all family members demonstrate and share a level of commitment to the firm since the core of any family business is a shared business vision and identity.

Consistency: Family own businesses are ideal in nature as they are loyal to the principles of the founder and top leadership, which results in overall consistency within the organization. Leaders usually stay in the position for many years, until a life event such as illness, retirement, or death results in change.

Leadership : Most of the time leadership is centred to the senior most people in the family, so each family members show faith and loyalty in the top leadership.

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