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Industry Institute Interaction Forum & Quality Management Forum

Incharge Information

  • Chairman:

    Dr Prashant Agrawal

  • Vice President:

    Mr. Aditya Saraf

  • Joint Secretary:

    Mr Ashish Doshi

Other Core Committee Members

  • Mr Vyom Shah, Convener
  • Mr Ashit Sinha

Quality Management Systems

Improvement of Quality of Products And Services

Interaction between the Educational Institutes and the industries for framing courses according to the needs of the industries, for providing practical training to the students of Engineering Colleges / Polytechnics and MBA/ITI Institutes Colleges regularly meet and interact for the benefit of both Industry as well as Institutes. Goods and services are final results that go to the customer and have value in the customer willingness to pay and must be of the quality to satisfy the customer. The final goods and services results are produced by a chain of results of value starting from input results from the supplier. Business activity is the utilization of human and other capital in performance to produce a given result. So the business in “the activity of providing goods and services” must be managed by managing the performance producing each result of managed value and quality in a chain of results from supplier input results, through internal result transformation, to the final customer results. The result value-added in excess of performance costs across the chain contributes to the profit result. The objective of the forum is to promote effective Quality Management Systems in the Industry for continual improvement of Quality of Products & Services apart from Providing necessary support and assistance to the organizations in the region for development of effective quality management systems.

III ECO SYSTEM- Industry Institute Interaction Forum

It’s an initiative of Industry Institute Interaction Forum (III Forum) to sensitize all the stakeholders regarding the gap between skills of technical graduates and requirement of industries. In order to meet the rapidly advancing global technological needs of the industry, the committee blends the industry experts with the academics, to bring about changes in the theoretical as well as lab areas of technical institutes, to align them with the current trends in technology. These efforts are taken to scale up the quality of pass out graduates and enhance their employability quotient.

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