Seminar on Schemes & Initiatives of MoT for Development of decentralized Powerloom Sector

On 03 December, 2014

Forum: Taxation & Corporate Law Forum

Speaker: The Seminar was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mrs Richa Bagla, IAS, Director Textiles, GoM, Shri Vikas Jain, Joint Director of Industries, Shri S. R. Dhanwadkar, Dy Director & Officer Incharge Regional Office of the Textile Commissioner, Navi Mumbai.

Mrs Richa Bagla, IAS, Director Textiles, GoM thanked the organizers for holding such seminar for decentralized powerloom sector, which has very little awareness of the various schemes launched by Central and State Governments. Shri Vikas Jain, JDI informed that though Vidarbha region has above 3500 powerlooms and 1000 garment units and its contribution for availing the benefits of various Government scheme is meager i.e. 6%. Shri M H Rehman, Secretary, Vidarbha Powerloom Weavers’ Association explained the present Scenario of Powerloom Sector in Vidarbha and has history of 300 years. Shri Nitin Bavkar, Director, Dornier Machinery India Pvt Ltd made presentation on Modern Weaving Technologies and various applications of Technical Textiles such as Geo Textiles, Meditech, Agrotech in automobile / aviation industries, etc. He also displayed various types of fabric samples meant for Technical Textiles. Shri Dinesh Rane and Shri Shashank Pandey, Technical Officers, Regional Office of the Textile Commissioner, Navi Mumbai, Shri Prashantkumar Mohota, Vice President – VIA in his introductory remarks also spoke on Present Scenario of Textile Industry in Vidarbha. The programme was conducted by Shri Praveen Rander, Programme Coordinator and Chairman of VIA Entrepreneurship Forum. Shri Rohit Agrawal, Hon Secretary informed programme was well attended and various schemes launched by Governments also informed to participants.

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