A Delegation of VIA met with Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis

On 08 December, 2014

Forum: Taxation & Corporate Law Forum

Speaker: Delegation led by VIA President, Shri Atul Pande, Shri Prafull Doshi, Immediate Past President, Shri Omprakash Mundra, Shri Manmohan Mundra, Shri Rohit Agrawal, Hon Secretary - VIA, Shri R B Goenka, Chairman - VIA Energy Forum.

Discussed the implications of withdrawal of subsidy, resulting in closure of various industries in the region. A delegation also explained that the loss of revenue to the State as well as loss of livelihood of various families is far more then the subsidy being provided. Hon’ble CM taking a very sympathetic view assured the delegation that the Power Subsidy will not be withdrawn, directions to this regard will be issued immediately.

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