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Personal branding and transformation is key to success says Shilpa Agrawal

Personal branding and transformation is key to success says Mrs Shilpa Agrawal



Marketing Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association had organized a talk on “Personal Branding and Personal Transformation” by Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal, Director of Akash furnitech Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur


Mrs Shilpa during her talk highlighted the importance of branding and transformation. She said that while marketing a product we pay a lot of attention to its quality, packaging, price value etc. But we do not follow the same for ourselves.


Mrs Shilpa shared her personal life story and the turning incident in her life with the audience. She said that marriage and motherhood is the beginning of new life for every woman. She mentioned that one should have a good support system with whom one can freely share ones emotions, feelings like one’s mother, sister or husband. Such trusted advisors can help overcome all the challenges that one faces in one’s life.


She went on to advice on how one can transform oneself from what one is to what he/she wants to become. She emphasized that we should observe others and learn from them. At the same time, she advised that one should not blindly copy others. She highlighted that it is very important to maintain one’s originality.


Speaking about the challenges that one faces in transforming oneself, she said that people shall try to discourage you and pull you back. She said that one should not pay attention to what people are saying and move ahead in life to achieve what one wants to achieve. She said that in life, people can guide you, motivate you..But it is finally up to you to reach your destination /goals.


Talking about success, she said success is not build on success..it is built on failure..a person who avoids failure also avoids success!


At the outset, Mr Akash Agarwal, Chairman of VIA Marketing Forum gave the welcome address. The speaker was introduced by Shikha Khare, Convener, VIA Marketing Forum. This programme received an overwhelming response and was attended by young entrepreneurs, students, businessman, retailers, Industrialists in large numbers.

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