Workshop on How to expand business & sell product online

On 10 December, 2014

Forum: Marketing Forum

Speaker: Mr Rachit Bhatt, an online Sales Expert, Mr Shwetank Gupta, founder of “” and Mr Mithelesh Jindal, Founder of “”.


Mr Bhatt guided the audience about online business, how online business can help them. He said that small businesses should not look to online world as a threat, but as an opportunity. Small business owners should learn the ways to be creative enough to give competition. Mr Jindal elaborated that online buyers are smart buyers. They have lots of money to purchase economically, feasible / viable goods. Mr Shwetank Gupta focused on internet users in India that have surpassed Internet users of US. Shri Akash Agrawal, Chairman VIA Marketing Forum gave a welcome address. Shri Rohit Agrawal, Hon Secretary, welcomed the speakers. Ms Shikha Khare conducted the programmes and also proposed a vote of thanks. Shri Akash Agrawal informed this workshop was conducted for small enterprises to take benefit of online selling and its opportunity available to them.

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