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The first programme under the spirit of entrepreneurship series was held at VIA Hall this evening to a packed audience.

The 90 minutes programme witnessed three successful entrepreneurs of Orange city motivating large number of entrepreneurs who gathered to listen to their stories of traverse in their venture.

VIA Entrepreneurship Forum headed by its Chairman  Dr. Suhas Buddhe, who himself is the role model for start ups as a very successful entrepreneur. The brain child of VIA entrepreneurship forum to  the series of spirit of entrepreneurship is to provide a platform to successful entrepreneurs to share their experiences and create a sense of confidence in students and budding entrepreneurs.

As said by Dr Suhas Buddhe, there are some characteristics in work and life that you just can’t teach. They form from within and over time, they become a part of who we are and one of the characteristics is the entrepreneurial spirit. It develops in the individuals who demonstrate a true passion for building something great from nothing and they are willing to push themselves to the limits to achieve big goals.

The first programme in the series was presentation  by GoodYaara, a mobile platform where Attention Matters,  founded by Mr Gopal Sharma and MrNilesh Bhattad,  engineers from SGGS Nanded. MrGopal showcased GoodYaara at VIA Spirit of Entrepreneurship series. They are critically helped by the team, comprising of Mr Madhur Rathi, Mr Pravinkumar Raut, Mr Pratik Ambhore, Mr Namrata Tolwani, Mr Lalit Badule and Mr Nilesh Ramteke. They have brought together their four decades of technology experience to create a compelling product that can carve a niche for itself and have a scalable model.

GoodYaara provides a mobile platform for every important communication that requires recipients’ attention. The platform is built keeping in mind the communication needs of small and big enterprises, social organizations, professionals who wants to build a personal brand and people who want to create social awareness.

The platform is designed to filter out the noisy communications in the digital space by making it mandatory for the sender to reward the recipients. In other words, it creates a transparent marketplace for Information, which in the present world is though in abundance but adulterated, and thus making it really tough to give attention to.

In addition to the ability to convert marketing spend to loyalty program, the organizations get an easy to use and a comprehensible social media platform. There are no entry barriers and even a small local store can start reaping benefits of the application. While being on the platform, every organization gets a digital presence, an ability to reach and connect with their subscribers, be available to people as per their needs thereby giving the organizations a fair chance to compete in the market. Most importantly, the sender spends only when the recipients view the message.

GoodYaara believes, that the use of application will have good social impact, spend gets distributed in the targeted geography. It attempts to create a level playing field for every seller of a product. These measureable impacts they believe will be a true indicators of the success of their start-up.

The second presentation as by GetNow, a Nagpur-based online marketplace that connects businesses with local customers. It provides a technology platform for retailers to list their products and handles orders, delivery and payments on their behalf for a small success fee.

Started in November 2014 by two young entrepreneurs Mr Jayesh Bagde and Mr Shailesh Deshpande, GetNow has grown quickly since launching. They have signed up 400 plus local businesses with a total of 45,000 listed products and serve 12,000 plus customers in Nagpur. The main product categories available on GetNow are Groceries, Fresh Produce, Cakes & Bakery, Electronics, Mobile & Computers, Home & Office as well as seasonal specials. Sensing the low technology adoption rates in Nagpur, GetNow decided to go omni-channel – which means users can order what they want over the phone or through a Whatsapp message also. Once an order is placed, the customer service desk of GetNow confirms availability with the supplier and delivery time with the customer. Most orders are delivered on the same day and the customer can either pay online or cash on delivery. Thanks to their Free Same Day Returns policy, you can return any goods you are not satisfied with without having to pay for it. GetNow has now launched a Subscription plan for Monthly grocery purchase wherein the buyers can easily signup to the program and get benefited with lots of savings on their monthly kirana.  There were a number of challenges faced by these founders but they have managed to overcome them thanks to the support of their team and the Nagpur Startups community that they are a part of.  Their efforts got a shot in the arm when GetNow found a seed investor in Mumbai-based Mr Atulya Mittal – scion of the family famous for their interests in Steel and known to the city of Nagpur as owners of Ispat Steel.

The duo of Mr Jayesh and Mr Shailesh are keen on expanding their startup beyond Nagpur and looking to raise growth capital for the same.

The third presenter was Mr Anuroop Sirotha, of Infinity Kards a revolutionary Networking App to help people establish meaningful business relationships and grow their professional network. Infinity Kards App helps Conference Participants find potential customers/partners in a conference/networking event. Using Infinity Kards people can also share their digital visiting card with a single click thus making printed visiting cards obsolete.

Mr Atul Pande, President VIA complimented the three speakers and called upon the young generation to come forward to become successful entrepreneurs and assured full cooperation and support from VIA. Mr Ashit Sinha summed up the presentation and proposed a vote of thanks. Mr Suhas Buddhe conducted the proceedings.

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