VIA & Panasonic Techno-Commercial Meet for Industrialists on “Solar Power”

On 01 September, 2018 from 5:00 pm to 8.30 pm at VIA Auditorium

Forum: Energy & Coal Forum

Speaker: Shri Murali Krishna, Shri Abhyankar Bhushan & Shri T Badrinarayanan

SOLAR energy is the only power source which is not owned by any one. It’s on us how we harvest it, said Abhyankar Bhushan, Manager, Panasonic Solar.

He was speaking during his presentation at ‘Techno Commercial Meet’ organised by Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) for industrialists on solar power, to help the industries of Vidarbha region know about the benefits of solar rooftop system and process to install it.

Also present on the occasion were R B Goenka, Vice-President, VIA, Dr SuhasBuddhe, Secretary, VIA, Raja Shekharan, Channel Partner, Panasonic Solar (Vidarbha), Girdhari Mantri, Chairman, VIA CSR Forum. Bhushan further added that the State Government has already allotted 800 mega watt projects and will be allotting further 4,000 mega watt projects. “Solar PV panels not necessarily be mounted on roof tops only, it can be mounted on ground also,” Bhushan said. He mentioned that apart from utilisation of generated power, one can send it to the grid and also use it commercially.

He emphasised that Vidarbha region has sunlight in abundance and it can be very wisely used. He explained the technical aspects also. “After six years of installation, the project will pay back the investment and after the sixth year, it’s free. The project life is 25 years,” Bhushan said.

R B Goenka, said that non-renewable energy is sustainable energy, without hindering the electrical usage and also saving huge amount for ensuring competitive advantage for industries. The programme was conducted by Girdhari Mantri, while Vandana Sharma, Past Chairperson, VIA LEW proposed the vote of thanks.

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VIA and Panasonic Solar Event / VIA and Panasonic Solar Event

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