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VIA Marketing Forum : Talk on “New Approach to Selling”

Proper preparation and process helps boosts sales

Marketing Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association had organized a talk on “New approach to selling” by Mr. Abhiram Krishna, Director, South State Business School and Mr. K V Vishwanath, Executive Director& founder, Nivritti Associate LLP.

Mr Abhirama during his talk first explained in details the process of learning. He said that generally adults reach the stage of being consciously competent after crossing the stages of being unconscious incompetent and conscious incompetent. He further said that one reach the level of being unconsciously competent. Sales person can really succeed if they manage to become unconsciously competent.

During the talk, He mentioned that as far as possible rather than just trying to achieve sales target, sales person should try to provide true solution to the client which is answer to his problem and can satisfy them.

He further explained two types of sales person, namely, eagles and journey people. Eagles believe in smart working and closing the sales deal by usually getting hold of innovator type of customers. Journey people believe in process and thus they are able to crack deals even with Laggards category clients.

He also suggested that to be a good sales person one needs to have the following, namely, capability knowledge, selling skills, situational knowledge, people skills and solution selling. He added that people like to buy from people who they like. He also explained that sales person should have a complete understanding of pain chain, various perspectives in order to provide a proper solution.

He said that a sales person should not only approach active people with sales proposition but rather they should also focus on approaching the ‘not Looking’ category. This was followed by talk by Mr. Vishwanath.

Mr. Vishwanath suggested doing a proper homework to succeed in sales field without being stressed. He suggested that one should make use of progressive or developmental approach rather than using diagnostic approach.

At the outset, Mr. Suhas Buddhe, Secretary, VIA gave the welcome address. Opening remarks were given by Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal,Chairperson,VIA Marketing Forum. The speaker was introduced by Ms. Shikha Khare, Convener, Marketing Forum while the vote of Thanks was proposed by Mr. Manish Sanghvi, BMA. Mr.Akash Agrawal, Chairperson, Entrepreneurship Forum was also present. This programme received an overwhelming response and was attended by young entrepreneurs, students, businessman, retailers, Industrialists in large numbers.


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