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Selection of Good brand name and increasing its visibility works wonders, says Vishal Agrawal said at VIA Marketing Forum


Selection of Good brand name and increasing its visibility works wonders,

says Vishal Agrawal


Marketing forum of Vidarbha Industries Association had organized a talk on the topic ‘How to market your product  & Business nationally and make a national level brand..Plasto Story’ by Mr.Vishal Agrawal, Director,R C Plasto Tanks and Pipes .

Vishal shared his success story with one and all present. He said, earlier his brand had to struggle and initially it did not get the kind of acceptance that his brand enjoys today. He explained that they started making tanks with mould buffing for shining appearance which went on to become its USP.

As regards, their marketing strategy he said earlier they did not spend money on advertising. They believed in making their product visible to maximum number of people they could reach out. They also had to face tough competition from their competitors. On the positive side, he said the cut throat competition was blessing in disguise. The price war made them work towards reducing the production cost.

To begin with expanding and promotion, Mr. Vishal said that they started getting their companies name written on their transport vehicles and on the factory gates. He mentioned that there is no substitute to the quality of the product. He went to elaborate that one should not try to lower down the price for being successful at  the cost of its quality.

He said few years back, Plasto started its massive advertising campaign, not only in print media but also on television to establish the brand nationally. He mentioned that TV ads are expensive but it creates a perception that the product is not a local brand but it is a national brand. Mr. Vishal mentioned that he had a clear vision that their product should be visible in the advertisement even if the ad does not look creative.

Mr.Agrawal said that the logistics should be excellent to support the marketing strategies. As regards his sales team,he said that they train their team and provide guidelines to them to succeed in their sales effort. He strongly believes in the Incentive based sales system.

In today’s digital era, he said that they aptly make use of social media platform like facebook and YouTube for promoting their products. He mentioned that videos of products are far more effective to reach out to the target audience. He also said that proper use of Google maps has also helped them in marketing their product.

At the outset, Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal, Chairperson, VIA Marketing forum gave the welcome address. Mr.Vishal Agrawal was welcomed with floral compliments by Hon.Secretary, VIA, Mr.Suhas Buddhe. The proceedings and introduction of speaker was done by Ms. Shikha Khare, Convener, VIA Marketing forum. Prominently also present were Mr.Asit Sinha and Mr.Akash Agrawal.This program received an overwhelming response and was attended by entrepreneurs, students, businessman, retailers, Industrialists in large numbers.

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