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VIA LEW : Session on “Slight Change Major Gain”


Mr Mukund Mohta, Director of Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog Pvt Ltd talked on how to grow our business and make it stronger with simple modifications. He was talking in a session on ‘Slight Change Major Gains” organised by VIA LEW on 24th Sept at VIA.

In his lucid but effective presentation, he gave many day to day examples, which if applied in business can do wonders. Our Performance depends on our actions, actions on our decisions on our thoughts and finally the thoughts depend on our habits. So our day to day habits decide our personality, our actions and our success in life both personal & business.

Mr Mohta advised the participants that Meditation, yoga, proper exercise can give new energy to overcome many of our problems. With this we can make a fresh start everyday to give us new energy, new ideas and add to our performance.

Through his presentation, Mohta also explained the reasons of downfall and rise in our life. We must overcome laziness, ego and show.  Initiative, discipline and proactive learning can help us grow he said.

He explained many benefits of writing habit which is on verge of extinction now. Writing could be solutions to many problems in our life. We can be better time managers & leaders if we cultivate this habit he said.

Motha also threw light on many things of importance in business like keeping proper accounts, checklist, numbering, use of dashboard, checking and cross checking, etc.

We all need a mentor he advised. Organised things make business easy. He also discussed the devils in business like conflict, rejection, mistakes etc and means to overcome these devils.

Mr Mohta  discussed many special qualities of women like innovation, creativity, patience & discipline. These qualities if applied in business can help business to grow he said.

This was follows by question answer session. The interesting session was largely attended by VIA LEW members, students & industrialists. At the outset Ms Reeta Lanjewar, Chairperson of VIA LEW gave the opening remarks to point out how the work done in Haphazard manner causes loss of our valuable time and Energy and how the Systematic approach and discipline help to reduce the work to be done and stress.  Ms Manisha Bawankar Secretary – VIA LEW, formally proposed a vote of thanks. Prominently present were Advisory Committee Members – Ms Prafullata Rode and Ms Sarla Kamdar; Vice Presidents – Ms Poonam Lala and Ms Indu  Kshirsagar; Past Chairpersons – Ms Anita Rao and Ms Chitra Parate, Food Consultant – Ms Ajay Deshpande, Mrs and Mr Jha Owner of Asian Exim, Mr Rakesh Gupta of R.K. Industries. A budding entrepreneur Meghana Kargaonkar gave information about her business to the audience.

VIA LEW forum presents live discussion on Slight Change Major Gains with Mr. Mukund Mohta.

Posted by Vidarbha Industries Association on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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