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VIA LEW “Role of microorganism in our body and practical demonstration of decomposition of kitchen waste’

Workshop held on “Role of Microorganism in our body & 

Practical demonstration of decomposition of kitchen waste”

VIA Lady Entrepreneurs’ Wing conducted a workshop on Role of Microorganism in our body  & Practical demonstration of decomposition of kitchen waste” in association with Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare on 23rd  January at VIA.

Dr. Paritosh Bhattacharyya Ex-Director National Centre of Organic Farming (Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India), who gave presentation on “Organic Farming.” He emphasized on using the organic products which are without pesticides. There is a huge subsidy from Government for these types of farms which are without pesticides, 25 % agriculture workers are suffering from dieses because of pesticides, the importance of bio-fertilizers and some composites which are very useful for the products.

This was followed by another interesting session by Dr. L.N. Verma, Ex. Director National Centre of Organic Farming, explained the importance of organic products and organic farming and by not using organic products it deteriorate the quality of air, soil, water and food which in turn will deteriorating our health, due to usage of chemicals since last 62 years our soil has spoiled its quality and it has become more toxic non fertile soil and because of this it affect our digestive system and in turn spoiling our health. He also suggested Govt should shift the 70k Cr subsidy of Chemical farming  to the organic farming to encourage and help the organic Farmers.

Dr M. S. Kairon, Ex-Director Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur, informed about Doubling of Farmers’ Income. The use of good quality seeds, good soil, water and compost manure or good organic fertilizer and by maintaining the direction of each crop in accordance with the sunlight we can increase the crop production. He suggested that Govt should improve the infrastructure in the farms to help the farmers instead of waving off their loans. The farmers should fix some targets for the year and he should be accountable for the non accomplishment of some matters and that way the crop production will improve and hence can double the income. Various schemes Govt have initiated to help the farmers.

Dr A S Rajput, Regional Director, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, explained how to use kitchen west in productive manner.  He also conducted the Practical demonstration of decomposition of kitchen waste, a single bottle of decomposes Bio-waste of more than 1 lakh metric tons just in 30 days.  He mentioned directions for use in crops in which they emphasized on basic concepts of organic farming. He informed the importance of Microbes and how they are produced and used to cultivate the soil. Organic farming has been an age old practice in India. It is a method of farming system which is primarily aimed at cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way so as to keep the soil alive and in good health by using organic wastes and other biological materials along with beneficial microbes to release nutrients to crops for increased sustainable production in an eco-friendly pollution-free environment. he describe about A Traditional Organic herbal pesticide, Neemastra, Brahmastra, Agneyastra.

He emphasized on basic concepts of organic farming, government schemes, organic certification of crops, value addition in agricultural produce and integrated farming.

Regional Centre from Organic Farming felicitated by Sevaratna awards to Dr. Sudha Jejani, Dr. Ramjaan Anssari and Mrs. Dhakulkar for their work for organic  farming  and for their work for Farmers.

Earlier, Shachi Mallick, Chairperson, LEW, welcomed Dr. A.S. Rajput   & Sarita Pawar Advisory Committee member of LEW welcomed Dr. Paritosh Bhattacharyya, Chitra Parate, Past Chairperson VIA LEW welcomed Dr. L.N. Verma, Anjali Gupta Past Chairperson VIA LEW welcomed Dr. Dr M.S. Kairon with floral bouquets. Program was conducted by Vandan Sharma, IPP VIA LEW  & formal vote of thanks was proposed by  Reeta Lanjewar,  Secretary, VIA LEW.The Program was attended by large number of entrepreneurs, students and housewives & farmers.


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