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VIA LEW Programme on “Rollercoaster Ride of Mahabrand VICCO” by Mr. Sanjeev Pendharkar & Installation of VIA LEW New Team for 2019-20

Address by Sanjeev Pendharkar ‘Roller-coaster Ride of Maha brand VICCO”

Mr Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director of Vicco Laboratories, while addressing the industrial fraternity and others, asked them to create brand loyalty to sustain in today’s competitive environment. He also said that persistent efforts and patience were needed to achieve growth in any business.

Mr Pendharkar was speaking on ‘Roller-coaster Ride of Maha brand VICCO” organised by the Lady Entrepreneurs’ Wing of Vidarbha Industries Association.

Mr Pendharkar said that others brands growing in the field of Ayurveda are not competitors of Vicco. “In fact growth of these companies is pushing up the sales figures of Vicco. Actually these newly arrived products are popularising the Ayurveda products. Apart from this, Vicco’s consumers are loyal to the brand and thus there is no competition among them.” “Such is the magnetism of this elite giant Vicco which made its way from once being a small homegrown brand to be one of the most undisputed leaders in the personal care landscape today.”

Mr Pendharkar is a die-hard fan of “never give up” attitude and his real-life story is one of the most enthralling and classic tales of overcoming struggles and coming out the other side of the bridge.

As a native of Mumbai who had the humblest of beginnings and quite an interesting childhood, Mr Sanjeev became addicted to the entrepreneurial endorphins right from the very beginning. Having born in a big and close knitted business family, a significant part of his growing years was spent learning about business, unintentionally, when around the family dinner table stories about ins and outs of business were tossed around. 1952 was an era when the market was infiltrated with cosmetic and fluoride packed toothpastes which were wreaking havoc on the health of millions of people. The health risks that these products invited were quite appalling, especially for children who used to ingest the toothpaste (either inadvertently or purposefully, owing to its sweet taste).

That’s when it hit his grandfather, Mr Keshav V Pendharkar and set him thinking. Finally, he decided to leverage his knowledge about ancient healing system to find a cure and devise an all-natural product that would improve the oral health and lifestyle of people. Eventually after much brainstorming and testing, was developed the first product, Vicco Vajradanti Toothpaste.

In no time after the launch, the voice resonated with the audience and the toothpaste went viral. Not only did it climb the charts, but it also became a huge hit. Over a period of time, the company grew leaps and bound and today it is eyeing to become Rs 10,000 crore entity in coming day.

Mr Pendharkar told that one must have a clear vision for branding. He said from starting of their business all their concentration was on Herbal products without side effects. He also said one must select a field of ones passion.
He made it a point to give example of Chinese bamboo through which he insisted that one should have persistence and it might take few years to set up your business but for it to bear fruits you have to have that persistence. At the same time the foundation of your business must be very strong and it should be supported by passion for what you do. He said – ‘Everyone needs a horse to ride and the biggest horse to ride is your family horse.’ With this he insisted on joining family business. The next generation should come into the family business.

He motivated the Maharashtrians also to not just think about 9-to-5 job and try to become an entrepreneur.
There was an interactive session wherein he answered a lot of questions asked by the audience and inspired many.  He cited examples of where and how he convinced the people abroad to use their finger instead of a toothbrush for the Vicco Tooth powder.

He said you have to keep on trying till you succeed. Mr Pendharkar shared the highs and lows of his whole entrepreneurial journey. It made his whole session highly inspirational.

Mr Suresh Rathi, VIA President; Mr Suresh Agrawal, Convener of VIALEW, Dr Suhas Buddhe, Vice President were also present on the occasion.

Ms Reeta Lanjewar re-elected as Chairperson of VIA-LEW the new team of office-bearers of the Lady Entrepreneurs’ Wing of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA-LEW) was installed for the 2019-20 term.

Chairperson : Reeta Lanjewar
Secretary : Manisha Bawankar are
Immediate Past Chairperson – Shachi Mallick;
Vice Chairpersons : Poonam Lala & Indu Kshirsagar;
Advisory Committee Members – Sarala Kamdar, Prafullata Rode, Sarita Pawar & Madhubala Singh;
Past Chairpersons – Chitra Parate, Y Ramani, Neelam Bowade, Anjali Gupta, Anita Rao & Vandana Sharma;
Treasurer– Shikha Khare;
PRO – Rashmi Kulkarni
EC Member – Yogita Deshmukh.

VIA Live session with Shri Sanjeev Pendharkar

Posted by Vidarbha Industries Association on Monday, July 22, 2019


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