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VIA LEW holds Session on “SALES” (S–Skilled, A–Action, L-Leads to, E-Excellent & S–Synergy)

VIA LEW holds Session on “SALES” (S – Skilled, A – Action, L – Leads to, E – Excellent & S – Synergy)

The Lady Entrepreneur’s Wing of Vidarbha Industries Association organised a Session on “SALES” (S– Skilled, A – Action, L – Leads to, E – Excellent & S – Synergy) at VIA Auditorium, Nagpur.

Santosh Vinayak Panse, Chief Mentor of Sanaru’s Global Life School uttered by establishing an effective synergy at our work place, it requires proper communication, connection and closeness can minimize several challenges of our day to day life. Excellent Synergy helps to increase revenue, lower expense, save time, increase efficiency, effective collaboration / cooperation, better results and growth of industry. He also cited examples of parents and teachers work on the kid in synergy to educate him so that he/she can thrive well in future. He said in Airplane the Pilots Airhostesses and other airline crew work in Synergy to give overwhelming services to its customers. Banks and now-a-days Google has the most synergetic working system.

He also informed about possibilities of other Synergy i.e. with your Family, Household staff, Professional staff, Clients, Vendors, Suppliers, Auditor, Competitor, Doctor, etc.

He said regularly we are performing thousands of actions, certain actions are for our own sake and some are for other’s sake and by adopting active mode, we can achieve good Synergy.

Panse suggested for Skilled Actions, one perform for our own sake can get skilled by learning life skills, taking care of yourself, time/money management, creative thinking, intrapersonal communication, decision making, emotion handling, etc. He said for Actions, which we perform for other’s sake can get skilled by learning Soft Skills are taking care of others, team building, Team management, Interpersonal communication skills, Leadership, Problem Solving, Strategizing and Planning, Motivating, helping, supporting, appreciating, rectifying etc.

The most important skill is Sales skills, it is a process in which two or more parties deals with each other for providing solutions to others with the expectation of getting back the appropriate remunerations in terms of money, service, favor, etc.

He advised the participants to achieve good synergy one requires good communication, connectivity and closing skills. For Communication Skills one must have listening skills, Verbal and non verbal Communication Skills, Reading, Writing, Drafting.

He said for Connectivity Skills, one should be affinity, relationship, role model, empathy. For ‘Closing Skills’ requires motivate, support, guidance, fair and rational suggestion.

He advised that ‘Skilled Actions’ will minimize / reduce your conflicts, difference of opinion, wastage of time, misunderstanding, objections, carelessness, unforced errors and miscommunication.

Earlier in ‘Word of Wisdom’ session Bhawana Makhijani, Co-Founder of E-ConiQ Services given presentation on Digital Marketing Business Information.  She said how Digital Marketing helps the industrial community to develop their business online presence, which is 24×7 availability, reaching to target audience, increasing Brand Loyality and opportunity to sell their products online, which is measurable & cost effective.

Program was largely attended by LEW members, lady entrepreneurs, working women, startups, prospective lady entrepreneurs’ participants.

Earlier Reeta Lanjewar, Chairperson – VIA LEW in her welcome address said today’s speaker will guide you on how can enhance your business by using Sales techniques/tools, which is beneficial for selling your products. She also welcomed the guest speaker with floral bouquet. Shikha Khare, Treasurer – VIA LEW Member conducted the proceedings and also introduced the speakers. Manisha Bawankar, Secretary – VIA LEW gave a memento to the speaker and also proposed a formal vote of thanks. Prominently present were Dr Arunima Panse, Anita Rao, Jt Secretary – VIA, Past Chairpersons of the Wing – Y Ramani, Shachi Mallick & Chitra Parate; Poonam Lala, Vice Chairperson; Yogita Deshmukh, EC Member – LEW.

VIA LEW forum presents Skilled, Action, Leads, Excellent and Synergy with Mr. Santosh Vinayak Panse.

Posted by Vidarbha Industries Association on Tuesday, December 3, 2019


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