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VIA HRD Forum Session on “Exciting Mondays”

Can Monday be Exciting ?

Vidarbha Industries Association HRD Forum organized a Training Session on “Exciting Mondays” by noted Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker & Writer, Mr Kumar Zilpelwar.

Mr Kumar in his uniquely designed topic was elaborating on Seven Sutra’s of how Monday can be more exciting. He also emphasized on Monday has a great potential to Create an Impact in Life. Explaining about, Know what you are best at, he pointed out the need of finding the Jambuwan. Jambuwan is the mythological character in Ramayana, who made Lord Hanumana remembered  about is power to cross the sea and get to Lanka. Many times, individual is unable to understand his capacities, so there is a need to find Jambuwana.

Then he elaborated on Passion for Excellence, in whatever little things you do, you should do it in excellent way.may it be writing a e-mail, wearing a tie and most importantly your passion for excellence should get percolated to your team members, which can take your organization to heights.

While explaining how the direction of intelligence is more important than intelligence itself, he narrated various examples including Tata Nano, and How Mr. Roger Bannister in 1956 focused his direction of intelligence to run a mile in less than one minute.

Attitudes are mostly shaped in how you do something, it is how you do everything. One has to very careful while doing small things also. Mr. Kumar pointed out the examples of Mr Imran Khan & Mr Kapil Dev, as they have bowled less number of No Balls, in their career. It was noted that, both the bowlers did not bowled single no ball in their Net Practices too. Attitudes are shaped in this way.

Mr Kumar Emphasized on the need of Methodology as major successful & impactful corporates are adopting one or the other methods. Delivering the Pizza is the methodology of Dominos, Style is the methodology of Rajnikant, Value addition for WOW momo’s  and many examples were quoted by Mr Kumar Zilpelwar in his unique style of conducting the session.

No one can move forward unless there is right team with him, He then gave few unusual tips in team building and team retaining.  Using technology as accelerator of the business is the need of he hour, as Amazon, Ola, Uber and many more corporates are using the same to their gigantic growth. Doing all these while maintaining the high energy levels of an individual is something needs to be focused. When a portion of your meal us tongue conscious, a portion of your meal should be health conscious, he emphasized.

Earlier, Mr Kumar Zilpelwar was welcome with floral bouquet by Dr Suhas Buddhe. Mr Suresh Rathi, Vice President of VIA gave his welcome address. Ms Neelam Bowade, Convener  of HRD Forum introduced the guest speaker and also proposed a formal vote of thanks.

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22.08.2018 “Exciting Mondays”

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