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18th July 2015 : 

VIA HRD Forum and National HRD Talk titled “YASHOGATHA – The success stories of Nagpur Entrepreneurs” :

Prof Sharad Bhave, made a very interesting and motivating analysis of  15 Nagpur  based entrepreneurs featuring in his book ‘YASHOGATHA” at VIA.  He gave a brief on each entrepreneur bringing out the uncertainty and challenges faced by them particularly without any business background and mentioning their achievements. He said all of them were top performers on the academic front, and left their jobs to start a business with hardly any money. Details Mr. Girish Deodhar, Chairman – VIA HRD Forum.


Professor Sharad Bhave has authored a book -“Yashogatha” which features the success stories of entrepreneurs of Nagpur. Some of the entrepreneurs are very young while some are old but young at heart. Their age is ranging from 24 to 64 Through the book it is understood that there are some common features of these entrepreneurs, which probably are the reasons for their success. These entrepreneurs defy the common belief that only the back –benchers of a classroom intend to venture into business as the doors of employment are closed to them. Surprisingly, most of them are star performers on the academic front However; the motivational has been different in all their cases. There is no” one fit for all”.

Professor Bhave intends sharing his experience in authoring the book and also the common features of each of the success stories thus crafting out a road map for budding entrepreneurs. He will also share what triggered all of them to start their own ventures, what it takes to be there at the top thus inspiring SMES to pave their way ahead. 

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