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VIA Entrepreneurship Forum & Rotary Club of Pune to hold ‘Chingari’ to ignite Women Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneur Forum VIA & Rotary Club of Pune to hold

‘Chingari’ to ignite Women Entrepreneurship 

In yet another effort to promote Entrepreneurship among, the Entrepreneur Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Pune will host a program titled ‘ Chingari’ to ignite the spirit of Entrepreneurship among Women. It goes without saying that the best way to empower women is to make her financially independent and self sufficient. What better way that it can be achieved than through Entrepreneurship? The program basically aims at showing women the path to self sufficiency through Entrepreneurship. It is seen that many women have the potential to become successful Business women but lack of confidence coupled with lack of awareness and lack of resources forms the stumbling block in women reaching her full potential. VIA and Rotary Club recognizes this aspect and aims at converting women, especially the home makers into Entrepreneurs by showing them the right path to progress. The program will focus on how women can take up Entrepreneurship post marriage and the successful transition, how women Entrepreneurs can overcome challenges in professional and personal  life and come out winners, how to get family support to start a business and the essential skill set required to become a successful women Entrepreneur. Roughly about 600 to 700 aspiring women from in and around Pune are expected to attend this program.

For this purpose, VIA & Rotary Club have roped in Shilpa Agrawal, sub title winner in the Mrs Universe contest of 2017 as the guest speaker, with the aim to ignite the spirit of Entrepreneurship among the aspiring women. Shilpa is a housewife turned leading Entrepreneur of Nagpur and has several awards to her credit like the Vocational Excellence Award from Rotary Club, Best Women Industrialist of Central India , Indira Priyadarshini Award etc. Shilpa has received extensive coverage in National Women’s magazine ‘Femina’ for her inspiring life story. She was invited by the AP Government to attend the ‘National Women’s Parliament in Vijaywada. She is a motivational speaker, Corporate Trainer and Grooming expert.

The program will be held on 27th Oct 2017 at the Jai Jinendra Pratishtan Market Yard Annexe Pune from 6.30 to 8pm.

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