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VIA Entrepreneurship Forum & Lemon Ideas : Ideation workshop on Generating Start-up Business Ideas

VIA Holds program on Ideation and How to Build Start Up from College Campus

The Entrepreneurship Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association recently organized a program to encourage college students to take up Entrepreneurship at a young age. The program was titled ‘Meet your Million Dollar Idea ‘and ‘How to Build a Start Up from College Campus’. The facilitators for the program were Mr Deepak Menaria and Dr Vivek Nanoti Principal Priyadarshini College of Engineering and Technology.

Dr Nanoti , mentioned how the present scenario was not conducive for getting jobs, so the best option for the educated youths was to become entrepreneurs who are job creators. He said that having an entrepreneurial bent of mind will even make a person a better employee, if he lands up a job someday. He pointed out that there are several real life instances when a person’s profile education and profession are not in sync, throwing the person into a pool of confusion and frustration. He said that it is imperative for today’s youth to find their true calling because it is only when passion and profession come together that one actually succeeds in life.

Dr Nanoti was quite emphatic in pointing out that gone are the days when one had to stick to the family’s or the society’s norms. Today is the best time for the youth because they have the freedom to chase their dreams with some very unconventional career choices. He advise the youth of today to go in for their SWOT analysis to find out what they actually wanted in life, rather than follow the herd mentality and suffer for the rest of their lives. Dr Nanoti explained the facilities available in college campus to promote and nurture entrepreneurship. He said that if a student comes across opportunity to become an entrepreneur, there is no harm in keeping education on the back seat for some time, lest the opportunity passes by.

In the second session, Mr Deepak Menaris  stressed ‘Have the 5 senses activated to identify a problem, need or opportunity and build them into a Business Idea’ . Speaking at the curtain raiser of the “Ideation Workshop, he added that the young generation who aspire to be an entrepreneur need to identify problems that need solution, converting them into opportunities and thus finding the ‘million dollar idea.”

He added that the common mistake that aspiring entrepreneurs make is jumping into conclusion when building an idea to a business without empathizing with the customer or the end user of the idea service / idea product.

Mr Menaria stressed on the experiential approach to idea validation practised at Lemon through its own propriety model identifying an idea to its reality conversion to a question on Social entrepreneurship, he said that any idea that impacts, benefits the bottom of the social strata is social entrepreneurship. On funding he mentioned that most aspiring entrepreneurs do not a good understanding on Fund raising. There are different ways to raise funds to start a business other than private / equity funding.

He concluded by appreciating the young talents for the opportunity they have during their initial graduation days to experiment, fail and to learn from the failures and try again.

At the outset, in his welcome address, Mr Suresh Rathi, Vice President of  VIA , spoke about the dearth of jobs and entrepreneurship as the need of the hour. He explained the role of VIA in promoting entrepreneurship among the youth of this area. Prof Ashit Sinha propose a vote of thanks. The program was co-conducted by Ms Anita Rao and Ms Nupur Mukhrjee, who announced about the second leg of the program on July 10, from 3 to 6 pm where in an ideation workshop will be conducted for a selected group of 30 students from various colleges of Nagpur.

The program received an overwhelming response from students from various Engineering and Management colleges, Principals, Professors and faculty members and other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Building a start up from college Campus by Dr. Vivek Nanoti

Ideation Workshop „Meet your million dollar Idea‟ by Mr Deepak Maneria

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