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VIA & BMA : Workshop on Scaling up for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Guruprasad Shenai’s workshop on Scaling up for SMEs at VIA

Mr Guruprasad Shenai, a certified Corporate Trainer and Motivational speaker from Mumbai, conducted a workshop for the Micro, Small and Medium entrepreneurs and other members at Vidarbha Industries Association on how to effectively and effortlessly scale up their business, by behavioural modification. The program was organized by the Entrepreneur Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) in association with the Butibori Manufacturer’s Association (BMA).

According to Mr. Shenai, the greatest challenge any business faces today is fast obsolescence in the ever changing environment. Many industries are forced to close down as they are unable to cope up with the fast paced change. According to him, one should be prepared to accept any challenge the business encounters with a fearless approach. He said that, many businessmen start by drawing unseen boundaries around them, by visualizing anticipated challenges. These anticipated challenges, then actually becomes limiting factor for the growth of business. So the Entrepreneurs must evolve his/her own solution to overcome such challenges. According to Mr Shenai, this could only be possible with behaviour change i.e overcoming fear by oneself. The Entrepreneur should not keep thinking about the past problems and get bogged down. Instead he should think positively and accept past challenges as learning lessons and move ahead. Past constraints should be used only to draw a spark in you, which will help you to tap the huge potential that market has to offer. He said that it is very important to analyze how much time one spends in thinking about the problem and how much time one actually spends in problem solving. It is very important that when you are spending a considerable time in thinking about the problem, your clarity of thoughts and maturity in dealing with the problem becomes imperative.

Mr Shenai spoke about the common problem of the ‘ founder’s trap’ when the owner-businessmen considers himself the ‘be all and end all’ of everything and suffers from the ‘I know all’ mentality, which majorly affects the scaling up of business. To overcome this shackle, Mr Shenai suggested that one should take a step back and view his business objectively, in a detached way, so that he is able to think clearly and arrive at a sound conclusion. This according to him would be a positive attempt to scale up any business.

Mr Shenai had also asked the Entrepreneurs present for the program, to list out the everyday challenges face by them. He then proceeded to examine each challenge threadbare and suggested some practical and logical steps to counter them.

At the outset of the program, Akash Agrawal , Chairman of Entrepreneur Forum in his opening address talked about the significance of scaling up in a business. He said that earlier business was like riding a bicycle where one had to maintain a balance to stay in the race but in today’s competitive world, business is no less than scaling up the Mount Everest , where an Entrepreneur has to fine tune all his skills to scale up and stay at the top. Dr Suhas Buddhe , Hon. Secretary VIA also spoke on the occasion and said that it is the need of the hour for the SME’s to find out the ways and means of scaling up.

The speaker Mr Guruprasad Shenai was accorded a floral welcome by Dr. Suhas Buddhe and was introduced by Mr Manish Sanghvi, Vice President – BMA. The program was conducted by Anita Rao, Convenor Entrepreneur Forum.

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