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‘THINK & WIN LIKE DHONI’ – A talk on Leadership by Sfurti Sahare


The Entrepreneurship Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organized a talk by the National Best Selling Author Sfurti Sahare, based on her book ‘Think and Win like Dhoni’.

Sfurti gave a Motivational Talk about 5 Success Traits of a champion, which had emerged out of her association with former Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni, during the course of writing the book. She explained the power of persuasion, how her passion of writing the book made her determined to meet M S Dhoni, who is normally not so accessible. The process of publishing the book was equally challenging as she has to wait for two year for the publisher to accept her manuscript. But her passion for writing coupled with love for cricket made her doubly determined to see her book published. The Book “Think and Win like Dhoni” has sold over 60,000 copies and has been translated into 4 languages.

According to Sfurti, time and technology is changing so fast that we should not be surprised to see youngsters overtake us in our own domain. She emphasized that for success hard work is extremely important provided it is accompanied by strategy, foresight, and proper timing. She said that success will elude you if you do not focus on what you have in hand. If knowledge is important, its implementation is even more important.

According to Sfurti, one important lesson she has learned from MS Dhoni is the importance of Goal setting and to have the focus on the immediate goal. One should refrain from thinking too much about the long term goal and in the bargain lose focus on the present goal, which is a sure recipe of success eluding you. Goal should always be simple and attainable. She also highlighted how Captain Cool Dhoni always believed in following the process and keep no room for fear, as fear can never be a part of the process. This according to her has been the reason for Dhoni’s success in cricketing field.

Sfruti also spoke on the Leadership traits of individuals which ranged from the Intuitor to the Thinker and the Sensors to the Feelers. She said that to be a good Entrepreneur we must try and understand the individual traits of our team members and accordingly delegate task to each one so that we can get optimum results.

Sfurti spoke on the Leadership process starting with the ‘Scaffolding of Mind’ where she spoke about being clear minded, being happy and avoid over thinking.

The second aspect she highlighted was how the Entrepreneurs should keep the goals small and simple goals.

The third success mantra based on her book wad to follow the process and how any work needs to have a well planned strategy, focused, a well planned mindset.

Sfruti laid a special emphasis on ‘A peaceful Walk Home, which means being peaceful at work and how she learned from MS Dhoni, the wonders of being Peaceful.

Sfurti  rated  Leadership very high in the traits for an Entrepreneur .She spoke on the importance of how each individual is different from each other, have different mindset and one cannot apply the same language for all. Hence it is very importance to understand your Team Members.

Sfurti’s talk was followed by a round of question and answer session by the audience.

At the outset, Anita Rao, Convener of VIA Entrepreneurship Forum in her opening remarks said that there are several leadership traits of India’s most successful captain MS Dhoni which we can learn and implement in our business to achieve success. She pointed out that Dhoni has shown his class with his tactical moves and strategies which too Indian cricket to unprecedented heights. We as Entrepreneurs can also achieve success by emulating his leadership ways.

Speaker Sfurti Sahare was accorded a warm floral welcome by Dr Vijay Phate, Convener of CSR Forum of VIA.  The program was attended by large number of Entrepreneurs and students.

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