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Talk on Seven Simple Steps in Boosting Sales thru Systems and Processes

Document your plans to achieve your target says Krishna Kumar

Marketing Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association had organized a workshop on “Seven simple steps in boosting sales through systems & Processes” by Mr. Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, GoMo Tech, Mumbai.

Krishna during his talk highlighted that systems and sales cannot be implemented in isolation. He went on to explain that sales is a team work and lot of preparation is needed for making sales happen. He also explained with example the difference between sales and marketing. He said that selling is push based where pestering is involved while marketing is pull based where storytelling, branding is involved.

During the talk, He mentioned that targets drive a person. One has the ability to program one’s mind to achieve the target set for oneself, be it on the personal front or professional front. Systems, goals, process and target are of great significance for achieving success.
He further explained BCG Matrix in details for strategy planning. He also pointed out that strategy helps to create differentiation and helps in increasing revenue while process improvement helps in increasing efficiency and reduces cost.

He further suggested that one needs to document the sales plans to keep a track of whether the company is heading in the right direction or review suggests a change in the plan of action. He also suggested that one should keep a track of the competitors activity but at the same time ,he suggested that one should not treat competitors as enemy rather he suggested that one should also go ahead and collaborate in ventures with them for growth and success.

He also suggested the ways one should plan sales pitch.He said that there should be a checklist,say,for example,flyer,faqs,demo etc which should be properly planned and reviewed and should be consistent for all the sales person of the company.He further differentiate between company pitch and product pitch.He said that the company pitch should be approximately around thirty seconds and should be elevator pitch which explains about the company.As far as product pitch is concerned,it shoul talk about the solution that  the product shall be able to provide rather than discussing the product features.He also highlighted that as far as sales process is concerned, the terminology has to be same between all the members of the sales team. He also suggested that the use of apps like Zoho, hubspot, excel for streamlining sales process.

He also threw light on the tools of sales, namely, Target, tools, tracking, team, Training and Talent. He said that one should always be in for learning and training. One should not think that after completing one’s basic studies one is “Sarv Gunn Sampann”. There is always a scope for improvement and hence training is crucial in achieving success in sales field.

He also explained the steps involved in action, namely, Dissatisfaction, Acceptance, willingness, mentoring, plan, monitoring and finally doing it. He ended up his highly motivating session by saying that one should never give up in spite of all ups and downs.

At the outset, Mr. Akash Agarwal, Chairman,VIA Entrepreneurship forum welcomed  Mr.Krishna Kumar with  floral compliments. Opening remarks were given by Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal,Chairperson,VIA Marketing Forum. The speaker was introduced by Ms. Shikha Khare, Convener, Marketing Forum while the vote of Thanks was proposed by

Dr. Hetal Gaglani, Co-convener, VIA Marketing Forum. Mr.Akash Agrawal, Chairperson, Entrepreneurship Forum gave the welcome address. This programme received an overwhelming response and was attended by young entrepreneurs, students, businessman, retailers, Industrialists in large numbers.


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