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HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organized a training session on a very interesting topic – “Interpersonal Skills for HR Professionals” which was conducted by Jaspreet Singh Janeja, DGM (HR), SMS Group Nagpur, who has an extensive experience in various HR, Organization Development and Employee Relations interventions.

Janeja started with sensitising the audience about the benefits and relevance of the subject, especially for the HR fraternity, and provided some simple but very concrete and easy-to-follow tools for building, maintaining and improving positive interpersonal relations. Within the time constraint, the speaker was very well able to cover the key concepts and share real life examples for better understanding by the participants.

He highlighted the key skills like Leadership, Networking and Teamwork, that contribute to the development of Interpersonal Skills were well explained along with other required skills like Mentoring, Decision Making, Delegation, Collaboration and Motivation. With the help of advanced psychological tools like Transactional Analysis and Johari Window, the participants were made aware about the ego states, types of transactions, self-awareness, disclosure and trust.

He is highly passionate about delivering training sessions on various behavioural topics. His thorough knowledge of the subject coupled with a practical approach was what made this session highly interactive.

Janeja informed about the strong Interpersonal Skills for Recruitment, and said identifying the best talent to suit your organisation can be rather time consuming. it is essential for a Human Resources Professional to harness strong decision-making skills to ensure the right candidate is recruited. Negotiation,  he said if you are a great communicator, you must also be a great negotiator. As a HR, you must possess the ability to successfully negotiate terms between two parties. This may be easier said than done as opposing views often clash. Multitasking, a HR manager is inundated daily with various questions, requests and problems within the workplace. Hence why multitasking is such an essential skill for a HR professional to be successful. He said Businesses are fast paced environments that require quick solutions to a whole host of issues.

He advised the participants about Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Skills, regardless of how large or small a workforce is, it is expected that certain employees will not get along with each other. To be an effective HR manager, you need to have some problem solving techniques up your sleeve. The Ethical and Discrete Obligations, the HR professional, it is your job to distinguish the ethical balances between employees and management.

The participants, who were mainly HR practitioners and experts from the region, were enthused to ask more and more questions and have a deeper understanding of the subject. The Quality of the training content was excellent. Beyond doubt the participant are expected to derive great benefits in their personal and professional life.

Earlier, Prof Ashit Sinha, Ex-Vice President – VIA welcome the guest speaker with floral bouquet. Dr Suhas Buddhe, Hon. Secretary – VIA in his welcome addressed informed about the importance of interpersonal skills are important not only for HR professionals but also for all employees of the organization. Neelam Bowade, Convener of HRD Forum conducted the proceedings and also proposed a formal vote of thanks. Program was well attended.

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