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Talk on “HR Practices in SMEs”

21st Aug 2015 :  

HRD Forum : Talk on HR Practices in SMEs :

A competent workforce is perhaps the most important asset for any organization. It is in the interest of any company irrespective of its size to positively focus on human resource (HR) development & management. However, it is rather sad that the HR activities are often neglected by many Indian SMEs. As per a survey conducted by around 80% from the small enterprises and about 20% of the medium enterprises respondents indicated having no formal HR department said Shri S Chandrashekar,  Managing Director of EmpoVer HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore and Associate Consultant, PPC Bangalore while delivering a talk on “HR Practices in SMEs”  at VIA at a programme organized by HRD Forum and NHRD Nagpur Chapter. Elaborating on the subject he said that HR activities are often neglected by many Indian SMEs, and the problem arises because “most of the SMEs are not aware of the strategic dimensions and associated benefits of HRD”. He also spoke on changing role of HR in SMEs, an environment scan, about SMEs, role of HR in SMEs, its function and role, changing role in SMEs. According to him environment scan relates to world economy, Indian Economy, Manpower in India, HR in the Corporate includes HR in Service Industry and HR in the manufacturing and processing industries. Details : Shri Girish Deodhar, Chairman – HRD Forum



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