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Talk on “How to Start & Fund Your Start Ups” held

VIA Entrepreneurship Forum organized a talk on “How to Start & fund your Start-up”  by  CA Saket Chourasia, City Mayor Entrepreneur CAFÉ Nagpur at VIA.


Addressing large number of budding entrepreneurs CA Saket said  Start up  to solve a problem, Start-up to follow your passion and not because the government is infusing Rs. 10000 Cr into start-up ecosystem should be the reason for you to start-up.


Elaborating on the subject he said India has become the third largest and fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world and government is also very much supportive for the same, but what Start-up exactly means and How to Start-up and what are the ways to fund a start-up was well explained.

He added   that a business which is typically technology oriented and driven by Innovation/Intellectual property and has high potential for commercial scalability can be called a Start-up. How start-ups are different from the traditional business when they are also doing the same thing of selling a product/service from a place, to customers for profit. The difference lies in How they do it! This is what makes them different other companies.

Start-ups often disrupt the market or create a new one with their innovative platform, mostly a website or an app which don’t have any geographical boundaries and the model is easily replicable to implement at any location, adding some new experience/value to the consumer.

One should think before getting funded that should you raise money, are you getting it for the correct reasons or merely you are taking it because you are getting it? From whom you are raising the funds, have you understood the conditions and are you looking your investor as a partner or someone external are the other main points you should ponder upon before raising money.

Ending on a strong note stressing on  Execution and mentioned that execution is the only path to a successful  Start-up. When you start executing the path will automatically arise in front of you and show you the way ahead.

The programme was very much interactive and helped to understand the Start-up ecosystem and clear the prevailing myths about start-ups.

Entrepreneur Cafe is one of the biggest global communities of Entrepreneurs having presence in over 100 cities, conducted more than 2000 meetings and touched upon morn than 25000 entrepreneurs in just 18 months.

Earlier Shri  Atul Pande, President – VIA welcomed the speaker. Dr Suhas Buddhe, Chairman, VIA Entrepreneurship Forum introduced the speaker and proposed a vote of thanks. Prominently present were Prof Ashit Sinha & Dr M K Tiwari.

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