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“How to Benefit thru Implementation of New ISO standards”

Dr. Raja Iyer, an Internationally renowned Quality Management professional  delivered a talk on How to Benefit thru Implementation of ISO standards (With specific reference to the New ISO 9001 & ISO 14001: 2015 standards organized by VIA Knowledge Forum today at VIA.

In his address Dr. Iyer said that in the current business scenario, ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc.. can vastly improve the business performance of an organization and can immensely help in improving their operational effectiveness.  These standards he said are not Technical Standards but are Primarily Business Management Standards.  They  also reflect the current day perception of various Business aspects like Quality, Environment etc…

Dr. Iyer who is actively involved in development of International Management system standards worldwide, explained that ISO standards actually reflect the present day Business Scenario and the challenges faced by the Industries and are aimed at providing specific solutions to overcome these challenges in terms of establishing an effective and an efficient Management systems.

Explaining the basis, Dr. Iyer who is associated with various International bodies worldwide, said that these standards are based on the most effective Management approaches in the current business scenario which are highly dynamic in nature.  The current ISO standards are based on Process Approach to Management, where the companies need to define the organization in terms of value added processes.  This he said is distinctly different from the earlier Departmental or functional Management approaches that the organization are used to.

The focus of the standards he said is to address all issues which affect the performance of the organization and develop a system around organizational goals and objectives..  This also helps in developing a sound performance appraisal systems based on Individual performances rather than going by the perception of immediate superiors during annual appraisal for promotions and increments.

Elaborating on the new methodology adopted by ISO body in developing standards, Dr. Iyer a visiting faculty for some of reputed universities both India & Abroad, said that these are now standardized as per an apex document Annex-XL.  All future ISO standards related to management he said shall be based on Annex XL.  This he said is to reinforce the aspect that ISO standards are purely Management standards and not technical in nature and applicable to all types of business and industries both manufacturing and service.

Explaining the new ISO 9001 & 14001 : 2015 standards, Dr. Iyer said that these are based on strategic management and Risk Management which are at the heart of today’s Business Processes. The New standards also has done away with Procedural requirements including Manuals and Documented procedures and has adopted a dynamic approach to Documentation.  The Documentation henceforth required is based on size of the organization and complexities of its operation and shall be aimed at achieving the organizations own objectives and performance, he explained.

Later explaining some of the intended benefits of the documentation in the new standards, Dr. Iyer said these can help an organization in Retention of Knowledge, Assurance to the Management that the System is effective, Development of Manpower (Training) apart from Adherence to Legal Requirements, which are the key to business success.

Though he said that the certification to the standards can be used a basis for third party agreements and Marketing benefits to a limited extent, the real advantage lies in addressing the issues highlighted by the standards, which have been developed after intensive research worldwide on various business activates worldwide he concluded.

Earlier, Pratik Tapadia, Chairman – VIA Knowledge Forum introduced the guest speaker and gave his welcome address. Prof Ashit Sinha, Former Vice President of VIA welcomed Dr Iyer with bouquet. Saurabh Kothari summed up and proposed a vote of thanks.

Program was attended by top level management executives, Dr M K Sharma, President, Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd.; R P Paranjpe, Director, Jayaswals Neco Industries Ltd., participants from industries, Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd., KEC International Ltd., Eros Group, Cytec India Pvt Ltd., C P Foundry Works, Hindalco, Mahalaxmi TMT Pvt Ltd., Praxis Logica, Sharp Control. Etc.

Poster 28.02.2017

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