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Talk on “How to arrive at Win-Win Situation at Work & Professional Life” held

Negotiation skills is essential tool for entrepreneurs … says Dr. Rashmi Bansal


Dr. Rashmi Bansal a certified trainer and NLP Coach with vast experience with corporate organizations and educational institutions as a behavioral trainer guided the participants in details about the negotiations skills, which is an essential tool for every entrepreneur’s life and almost everything in business is depend upon negotiation at a informative talk on “How to arrive at Win Win Situation at Work & Professional Life”organized by VIA Lady Entrepreneurs Wing at VIA recently.


Not only for business but strategic negotiation skills form part of a group of core competencies required by managers, sales people, and all other professionals. Negotiating requires give and take keeping the other side intact while you get what you want. You should aim to create a courteous and constructive interaction that is a win-win for both parties.


Brainstorm all available alternatives to the process you are negotiating be it BATNA’S or WATNA’S. The first and the foremost requirement for an effective negotiation is preparation as negotiation preparation is negotiation success and requires time and effort just like training yourself for sports.


She said that too often, people believe that negotiation is all about doing the deal and nothing else – that a negotiation is successfully completed once we have made an agreement, and / or signed a contract to formalize that agreement – however, the deal is never done unless we establish and preserve the working relationships needed to perform the agreement. So the preparation, opening and closing each have their own importance as far as negotiations are concerned.


Small business owners are likely to face negotiations on a daily basis when dealing with customers, suppliers, employees, investors, creditors, government agencies, and even family members. In every negotiation the three crucial elements involved are information, time and power.


Earlier Shachi Mallick, Chairperson of LEW in her welcome addressed said a good negotiator always develops their business better as compared to non negotiator, negotiation is must for developing your business and every entrepreneur must learn this skill. Mallick also welcomed the guest speaker with floral bouquet.


The program was well conducted by Poonam Lala, Vice Chairperson, proposed the vote of thanks. Reeta Lanjewar, secretary – LEW, Anjali Gupta & Anita Rao , Past Chairperson, Indu Kshirsagar, Treasurer, LEW Mitali Rafique & Anamika Modi, EC Members of forum & Lew members attended the program. The Program received an overwhelming response and was attended by large number of women entrepreneurs.

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