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Talk on Disruptive Business Models

Innovation is the key to successful business says Sharad Khandelwal

VIA Lady Entrepreneurs’ Wing organised a talk on ‘Disruptive Business Models’ by Mr. Sharad Khandelwal, Business Consultant & Motivational speaker.

At the outset, Mr Sharad highlighted that today its all about a new product, service or a new idea that radically changes a business strategy by creating a brand new market. Mr. Khandelwal said that Today’s working women are ready to take calculated risks to leverage their knowledge and acumen. He also went to explain the word ‘Entrepreneur’ and also threw light on the difference between a business Women and Women Entrepreneur.

Sharad advised the audience to adopt the KASH principle in order to increase the CASH. He elaborated that Knowledge, attitude, Skills and habits if properly inculcated can increase CASH i.e. confidence, Aptitude, Smile and Happiness.

Sharad also explained the ingredients of business. He mentioned that one’s idea should be vetted, holistic, lived, have longetivity and one should stay committed to one’s idea. He said that there should uniqueness, gap in market, valid price and product and longetivity as far as opportunities are concerned. For creating a brand, make customers want to commit to something they believe in, he added. He said that today nobody is willing to wait so the brand should be within reach, flexible and should have longetivity. Revenue forecast, resources and Subscribers are also an integral part of Business.

Sharad  mentioned that for a successful enterprise one needs a combination of IOR and BSR where I stands for Idea, O for Opportunity, R for revenue and In BSR, B stands for Brand, S for Subscriber and R represents Resource.

He further mentioned that irrespective of business type and place, business model is a must. The purpose of the business model is to concisely describe  the function of your business within the overall market landscape. A business model helps to identify strengths, weakness and opportunities by comparing  the attributes of other similar businesses who may be using a similar structural model.

Quoting few examples, he explained the types of business models such as manufacturer, distributor, retailer, franchise, bricks and clicks, nickel and dime to name a few.

He also explained disruption in business and gave an example of Patanjali’s disruptive model of promoting single brand as compared  to multiple brand model used by Hindustan lever.

Earlier, Mrs. Shachi Mallick, Chairperson of VIA LEW welcomed Mr. Sharad Khandelwal. Program was conducted by Mrs.Neelam Bowade, Past Chairperson, VIA LEW while the vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Manisha Bawankar,Vice Chairperson, VIA LEW. Also present were Mr.Ashit Sinha, former Vice President of VIA, Mrs. Madhubala Singh, Mrs.Anita Rao, Mrs.Anjali Gupta, Mrs. Rashmi Kulkarni, Mrs. Indu Kshirsagar, Mrs. Mitali Rafique and Mrs.Meenal Khedikar. The Program was attended by large number of entrepreneurs, students and housewives.


Live from VIA "Disruptive Business Models" – by Mr. Sharad Khandelwal

Posted by Vidarbha Industries Association on Friday, October 27, 2017

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