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Talk on “Cost Reduction Techniques”

22nd Aug 2015 : VIA Economy & Finance Forum : Workshop on Practical Tips on Cost Reduction : The concept of Cost Control, Cost Saving and Cost Reduction are used in similar parlance in day to day discussions but have different theories which are most viewed areas for growth in this competitive market. It is necessary for an industry, be it small, medium or large, to optimize its resources as much as possible, with improvement in the efficiency of productive process and reduction of non-productive process, which shall make the performance competitive, shared Mr. Atul Dharap, GM (F&A), Raymond Ltd. Mumbai, while delivering a talk on “Cost Reduction Techniques” organized by VIA Economy & Finance Forum. He said corporate entities have specialized departments to study on cost aspects and apart from finance it places a great role in micro economics. The need of Inquisitive Attitude and Challenging Status-quo are the primary steps towards Cost Reduction. It is similarly important to have the ability for Risk Experimentation and analyzing the results of such experiments for achieving cost competitiveness. Mr. Suresh Saluja, VIA Member, introduced the Speaker and also shared his experiences with the audience. Details : Mr. O S Bagdia, Chairman, VIA Economy and Finance Forum.

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