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Talk on Aam Ke Aam, Guthaliyon Ke Daam, Problems & Opportunities in recruitment

One of the most predominant problems in the country is the unemployment problem and industry not getting quality manpower. The Human Resources (HR) Department is entrusted upon with the responsibility to recruit quality manpower having the proper skill sets and ready to be employable in industry. Looking at the recruitment problem, industry has to turn challenges into opportunities by analysing the process of recruitment. This was suggested by Mr Mukund Mohta, Chairman of Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog (P) Ltd while talking at the program on ‘Aam Ke Aam, Guthaliyon Ke Daam, problems and opportunities in recruitment’ organised by VIA HRD Forum.

Mr Mohta said that the HR managers start the recruitment process by hiring placement consultants which in turn send candidates for interview. In most cases it was found that candidates attending the interview are found to be unfit for the job.

Mr Mohta analysed the process of recruitment and found out that there were various problems in new trainees. College passed out students lacked in experience and common-sense, demanded higher salary without proper training given by colleges during their studies as per industry requirement. In most of the colleges, teachers blamed students for not taking their syllabus seriously, management blamed teachers for not coming prepared and not maintaining quality. He said, there is high demand of quality manpower in SME sector. But, SMEs did not provide proper job description which is required. They also did not impart proper training to candidates after recruitment that resulted in 10 per cent of the candidates being retained successfully.

Mr Mohta said that after analysing the recruitment problem, he started a unique 19 point training programme for college pass out students at Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog. More than 50 candidates have been trained with great results. He charges a nominal fee from the candidates for the two month training in various departments. “The recruiting industry has seen big changes in the last few years and technological advances have altered the way many companies hire. Finding the right candidates is a big challenge for recruiting companies today. Clients need skilled, focused workers, and these people are not always easy to find,” he said.

Recruiting companies can overcome this problem by stepping up their networking and advertising, especially through social media. Recruitment firms that specialised in permanent placements are having a hard time finding skilled, quality candidates in today’s market.

“Offering to fill the vacant post temporarily until the right candidate can be found may be the route to take. But this does not solve the problem,” he noted. It is important for manpower consultants to offer more than other staffing firms and even more than the client can get on their own. Background checks, testing, references as well as a thorough interview process can put a recruiter far above competition.

The business world moves much faster today than it has in the past, and a recruiting company that cannot keep up will surely be left behind. Indecisive managers are one of the biggest reasons that transactions are slowed down. Any delays in hiring could derail chances of placing a good candidate in a proper job profile. “Good people are hard to find, but are almost impossible to find if your technology doesn’t allow you to utilise the web,” he added.

As the staffing industry grows, the temptation to become a recruiter to profit from this growth is great. Those that have no recruitment experience may have some success as companies further their reach for partners that can help them find their next great hire, but that success may just be a stroke of luck. As a business owner or an independent recruiter, it’s important to sell experience and dedication in the industry to clients. Independent staffing firms have invested in the success of their agency than multinationals who often have a revolving door of recruiters.

A recruiter should provide individualised, dedicated service for success, he added.

Earlier, Mr Atul Pande, President – VIA welcomed the guest speaker with floral bouquet and said in past Mr Mohta had conducted many programs related to Human Resources in our Forums and also we have long associations with him. The objective of organizing this session is to enhance or upgrade the skills of employees or employed young generation, who holds engineering degree but not having much work experience in hands. This is a wonderful opportunities for all us to hear new concept ‘Aam Ke Aam, Guthaliyon Ke Daam, problems and opportunities in recruitment.’

Mr Hemant Lodha, Chairman of HRD Forum holds the charge of this forum recently and this is our maiden program and said this year, we have planned numbers of good programs to be conducted viz. Supervisory Development, a yearly session Neu Leadership Program by Escalader Innovation Consulting, Mumbai and Two Day Session on HR Enclave, etc.

Ms Anita Rao, Program Coordinator, introduced the speaker. Prof Ashit Sinha, former Vice President – VIA summed up the discussions and also proposed a formal vote of thanks and said related to this topic we needs more elaborations and we would hold a full day session to understand more from him.

Live from VIA “Aam Ke Aam, Guthaliyon Ke Daam – Problems & Opportunities in Recruitment" – by Mr. Mukund Mohta, Chairman, Kapilansh Dhatu Udyog.

Posted by Vidarbha Industries Association on Wednesday, October 25, 2017


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