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Talk  on ‘ 25 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs’

Continuing with the theme of ‘ Women Entrepreneurship and Start-ups’ the Entrepreneur Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organized organized a talk on ‘ 25 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneur’ by renowned consultant , Trainer and motivator Mr Sharad Khandelwal .

Mr Khandelwal who has over 25 years of experience in the field of IT and management and is also an accomplished Corporate Trainer, Guest Faculty, Keynote speaker, has a vast experience in working for MNC , domestic and international market, having worked with companies like Toshiba, Wipro, Acer , PCL etc. During the course of his career, he has done extensive studies on how women entrepreneurship can not only make them self reliant, but also substantially contribute to the national economy.

Khandelwal  the  founder of ‘ WITS Incorporation, gave a list of 25 ideas which any women interested in Entrepreneurship can take up and spin it into a booming business. An out of the box thinker, Khandelwal, elaborated the ways and means for Women Entrepreneurs to enhance productivity in challenging business environment. An expert in Sales and Marketing, Khandelwal presented 25 business ideas for women Entrepreneurs, who want to start their own business but lack in ideation. He also offered guidance to prospective women entrepreneurs and to help them to propel into the world of business.

Speaking in a lucid manner Mr Khandelwal , divided the ideas into four broad categories of Home based business model (six ideas), Flexi hours business model (6 ideas), Low Investment model(five ideas) and Nurturing Talent model(8 ideas). According to him if an idea is taken forward diligently and sincerely, it can definitely become a sustainable business. He suggested some new business concepts like the Bed & Breakfast business, Skill development classes, Pet day care , Mobile Spa, Diet clinic etc which are women are ideally suited to take up. He also suggested how existing business like Laundry services, Tutorial classes, Cleaning services , Cookery classes can be reinvented as per the modern needs and turned into profitable business ventures.

Mr Khandelwal emphasised that no business is without hurdles. Each business however small with eventually come across challenges and competition and the only way a good women entrepreneur can succeed is by having a backup plan to face any eventuality in business.

At the outset of the program, Mr Akash Agrawal Chairman of Entrepreneur Forum spoke about the significance of Women Entrepreneurship globally and how women can effectively contribute to national building by taking up entrepreneurship as a profession. He said that more and more women need to come up in the field of entrepreneurship to maintain a healthy growth of the economy. Mr Agrawal also added that it has always been an endeavour of the Entrepreneur forum of VIA to highlight issues concerning women entrepreneurship and motivate them in all possible way.

The program was chaired by Dr Suhas Buddhe Hon Secretary of Vidarbha Industries Association, who in his brief welcome address also spoke about the importance of women entrepreneurship in our country especially since today women constitute about 50% of the population. He said that women are born with inherent talent and hence should take up entrepreneurship and put their skill to maximum use.

Shri Ashit Sinha senior member and mentor of VIA, summed up the evenings proceedings and proposed a vote of thanks.

The program was conducted by Anita Rao, Convenor of Entrepreneur Forum.

The program was attended by women in large numbers some of whom were existing entrepreneurs and quite a few who were in search of ideas to start their own business.


Poster 24.03.2017


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