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SIDBI launched “Asset Restructuring” web portal for MSMEs

Dear VIA Members,

VIA has received an email from Mr Ajit Nath Jha, GM – SIDBI, Pune Regional Office regarding “Asset Restructuring” web portal launched by them for MSMEs.

Members who are interested to take benefit of this facility provided by SIDBI, a copy of the said mail is being forwarded for your information.

With regards!

Gaurav Sarda
Hon. Secretary -VIA

Encl : a/a



The President
Vidarbha Industries Association,
Dear Sir,

 SIDBI has launched a web portal ARM-MSME (Asset Restructuring Module for MSMEs) which is intended to help MSMEs to prepare their restructuring proposals which could be submitted to their banker for availing restructuring of their loan accounts in terms of RBI guidelines.  The portal can be accessed at https://arm-msme.in. This is in the form of a DIY (Do it Yourself) module, which will help MSMEs prepare their restructuring proposals by keying in only the most essential data of their past financials, future plans / projections and restructuring requirement.  Reports can be generated for submission to Bank online through email or in hard copies, along with other prescribed documents.

We request you to publicise this portal among your member units and encourage them to use this portal for preparing the restructuring proposal to be submitted to their bank(s).  Restructuring proposals to be submitted to other banks (other than SIDBI) can also be prepared through the portal.  The portal has been developed in a user friendly manner with an intuitive process flow for ease of processing of restructuring proposals.  However, some of your member MSMEs may still require handholding / guidance to complete the process and generate the required output.  To facilitate this, SIDBI has appointed Counsellors in various cities.  You are requested to please advise your member units to contact the following person in case any of your members are facing any difficulty in processing their restructuring proposal through the ARM-MSME web portal. 

Mob : 9422552244
Email : [email protected]

The usage of the portal does not entail any cost on the part of the association / MSME.  In case of any queries / clarifications, you may please send an email at [email protected] with a copy to us for early resolution of issues, if any.  We are confident that your Association and its members would make use of the portal effectively to alleviate the problems being faced by the MSMEs.

We once again request you to give wide publicity about this initiative among your members units.


Ajit Nath Jha
General Manager, SIDBI
Pune Regional Office,
4th Floor, Kakade Bizz Icon,
Shivajinagar, Pune – 411007
Tel.: 020-25530811 (D)
Mobile : 8980000754

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