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Session on “VOC 3 : To Accelerate Business Objectives”

Voice of Customer, Consumer and Culture is the base of product development says Pankaj Chaturvedi

Marketing Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organised a session on “Voice of Customer’ (VOC) : To Accelerate Business Objectives” at VIA.

Pankaj Chaturvedi, CEO of Rich Graviss Products Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, an American Food Company and was the former CEO of Baskin & Robbins, shared his success story and informed the participants about the concept of VOC : ‘Voice of Customer’ which helped the company to improve business performance and develop strategies for future growth. He advised the participants that one must strongly believes that customer insights have a direct correlation to business success metrics.

A melodious singer and customer rich experience Chaturvedi shared how he and his team has handled the challenge of product innovation and product development. Their experience on conducting survey and research with customers and consumers has given a new way. A close study of consumer trend and their culture is very important while doing any new product development. He briefly covered how to map the survey findings and do design thinking.

He elaborated the “Voice of Customer” and said why should we listen to our customers because with the stiff competition to retain customers, build brand loyalty through great products and services, and attract new business, all organizations are sharpening their focus on customer experience, which is an friendly understanding of the customer. He further said VOC offers critical intelligence, which is a key input to improve business performance and expand business strategies for future expansions.

He said as the industry focuses on only listening to their customers, we believe that there is value from our VOC efforts by listening to what customers are really saying. But consumers and key market trends bring in the complete picture. This helps us to prioritize targeted improvements that will produce the biggest wins.

He also adviced the participants that clear mapping of opportunity for further growth. He said that VOC objectives are identify the product opportunities in India, develop a strategic/ road map and create unique product for consumers.

He urged that focuses on consumers are different people, having different needs, seeking satisfaction in different places, on different occasions and choosing different products. We need to simplify the patterns in this complexity to unlock growth potential by understanding consumer and operator needs and requirements.

The 360-degree approach towards understanding the market and then leveraging the opportunities that lie within, he advised.

Earlier Prof Ashit Sinha, former Vice President of VIA welcomed the guest speaker. The Session was started with opening address by Anuja Sharma, Chairperson of VIA Marketing Forum and Dr Suhash Buddhe, Vice President – VIA, Mili Juneja, Convener – VIA Marketing Forum conducted the proceeding. Prof Ashit Sinha, former Vice President of VIA summarized the session with formally proposed a vote of thanks. Anita Rao, Jt Secretary of VIA also chaired with dignitaries.

Program was attended by industrialists, marketing professionals, startups, management students attended in large number

VIA Marketing Forum presents "VOC 3: To Accelerate Business Objectives" with Mr. Pankaj Chaturvedi.

Posted by Vidarbha Industries Association on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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