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Session on “Measure the immeasurable by Psychometric Tests”

HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organised a session on ‘Measure the immeasurable by Psychometric Tests’ at VIA.

Prakash Shesh, MBA IIM Ahmedabad and a noted trainer and Managing Partner of Creative Business Techniques said Psychometric tests are helpful in standardized assessment of candidates aspiring to seek a job as they not only save time and money in the shortlisting process but also identify their skills and ability before hiring them.

Shesh said these tests are difficult to manipulate and are more effective than (CV) curriculum vitae and personal interviews (PI). Besides, the tests also show where the employees in an industry are found wanting in different situations. He had a word of caution as well when he said that such tests should not be the lone criteria for assessment of employees and aspiring candidates and other complementary techniques should be used before taking a final call.

Defining the term psychometric, Shesh said, these tests are one of the great tools provided by psychology. In layman’s language psycho means personality and metric means measuring. These tests thus measure strengths and weaknesses of a personality of person. The tests generally include multiple choices or situation-based questions and are not specific to any industry.

During presentation, he also mentioned about various types of psychometric tests and the parameters they check. Shesh focused on the fact that these tests check nothing which cannot be altered and hence can be a great source of improvement of individual.

Some protocols like not taking any help and not making prior preparations, giving immediate response to questions and avoiding middle answers are to be followed during the tests which have high applicability in industries and can prove to be of great help in recruitment and performance appraisal decisions. Many a time, people tend to lie in these tests so as to be socially acceptable. But this can be checked with an authenticity meter which indicates the degree of honesty in answers.”

Shesh conducted a psychometric test on the audience which made the session interesting and gripping. The test was called ‘How hardy are you?’ which tested the stress management skills of a person based on factors like control, commitment and challenge acceptance. The results of the examination were explained thoroughly which proved to be of use for the audience.

Earlier, Prof Ashit Sinha, Ex-Vice President of VIA welcomed the guest speaker with floral bouquet.  Naresh Jakhotia, Joint Secretary – VIA in this welcome address said psychometric tests are important tool for industries to judge its employees’ performance appraisal, improve recruitment decisions, etc. Neelam Bowade, convener of HRD Forum conducted the proceedings and also introduced the speaker, Ashit Sinha, ex-president of VIA, formally proposed a vote of thanks.  large number of participants were present.

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