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Session on “How to market your products / services locally, nationally & internationally on facebook, instagram & other social media”

Content, Content & Content must for Social Media marketing

Marketing forum of Vidarbha Industries Association had organized a panel discussion on the topic ‘How to market your products/services locally, nationally& internationally on facebook, instagram & other social media’. Renowned panelists from the city, namely, Ms. Sukhada Chaudhary, Ms. Manveen Singh, Ms. Juhi Mashankar and Ms. Shruti Rathod were there for the panel discussion.

Ms.Sukhada Chaudhary, Founder,Chaos Theory said that content is the most important factor in social media marketing. She also stressed that just posting pictures does not work. One should also use GIFS, Videos etc to reach out to one’s target audience. She also suggested to keep patience to get the results from digital marketing. She also suggested that one should find out the right social media that is suitable for one’s business sector. One should work for audience engagement and around conversions. Eventually, engagement would lead to conversion. She also said that Social media is all about Content, Content and Content.  She further added that one should be creative and experiment. she suggested that in case of any grievance, one should never become defensive.

Ms. Juhi Mashankar,owner, Panache fashion Brand said that  she feels that social media is the most cost effective way of reaching out to target audience. She earlier managed her social media on her own but now has outsourced it to a consultant. She also said that one should keep patience for getting results by the use of social media like facebook and Instagram for generating business.

Ms. Shruti Rathod, Partner, Everybody loves Sparkle said that there are chances of your product being lost due to noise especially with Facebook. She said that Instagrm is more about pictures and that goes well with her creative products. She shared that attention span is less on Facebook. She also shared that posting about behind the scene helped her in engaging her audience.

Ms.Manveen Singh, Owner, JD’s cakes said that traditional media is way too expensive as compared to Social Media marketing. She stressed that one should be consistent in what one shares on the social media. This helps in creating an identity. Daily engagement is a must, she added. She also mentioned that one should not try to push sales but rather try talking about your product. This definitely works better, she added. She also shares behind the scene videos to engage with her audience.

At the outset, Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal, Chairperson, VIA Marketing forum gave the opening remarks and highlighted the topic for panel discussion. Welcome address was given by Mr. Suhas Buddhe, Hon. Secretary, VIA. The panelists were welcomed with floral compliments by Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal and Mr. Suhas Buddhe. The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Akash Agrawal, Chairman, VIA Entrepreneurship Forum. The proceedings, introduction of panelists, summing up was done by Ms. Shikha Khare, Convener, VIA Marketing forum. This program received an overwhelming response and was attended by Professionals, students, businessman, retailers, Industrialists in large numbers.

Poster 15.02.2017

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