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RGNIIPM IPR Seminar with certificates & Invitation for prototype/model/rollup standee for IP Innovation Gallery

Dear VIA Members,

We have received circular from RGNIIPM reg IPR Seminar with certificates (no charges) & Invitation for prototype/model/rollup standee for IP Innovation Gallery on 26th April 2019.
Details attached for your information.



The RGNIIPM is a Central Government Institute which is under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry is engaged in conducting departmental & public Training programs relating to Intellectual Property Rights

In order to create IP awareness it has decided to celebrate world Intellectual property day and IP Innovation Gallery

You are invited to attend full day seminar on IPR or nominate 2 to 4 officials from your organisation.

Certificate will be given to all participants who attend full day program.

Details are mentioned below or write   [email protected]

Objective of IP innovation Gallery :-  is  to create IP Awareness by displaying / showing IP models/ rollup standee,

so that many visitors will be motivated to see new innovations and other objective is to exhibition of products which indirectly helps for commercialize with industries or who will be also regularly visiting.

Target visitors:- Startups, Industries, Scientist, field visit by students, faculty, etc.

Eligibility criteria (Which articles/models/rollup standee to be displayed)

Any best innovations/award winning innovated models/prototype

Innovations, innovative products whose Patent was filed,

Models of Patent filed/ IP related etc. can be displayed,

  •    Venue– RGNIIPM (Govt. of India), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Hislop college Road, near Air India Building, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440001

     Date:  26th April 2019  & 17th June 2019

      Fees/Cost:-   No fees / no charges will be taken from anyone for display & to view this gallery.

Certificate:- Eligible participants who display models/prototype/rollup standee will get certificate from RGNIIPM on 26th April 2019

Awards:-      Selected top Innovations from different category who display models/prototype/rollup standee will get medals from R2iW (NGO, Ready2Innovate worldwide forum)

Last date to submissions:-

Proposals can be submitted to RGNIIPM from 15 to 25 April 2019.  It will be solely first come first serve basis as per availability of space. The date can be extended subject to availability of space.

Requirement for submissions of model/prototype/standee: –

send MS Word copy of registration form via email to [email protected]

1)      Registration containing Name, address, Mobile number, Email, Title of model, Patent application number/ Award details, Advantages, Problem solved, Abstract, drawings, photos etc. (form is attached)       Prototype / Model (optional)

)      Rollup Standee – 3* 7 feet which will contain the brief details of proposed model, advantages, problem solved, drawings/photos, patent/ application number, contact details of applicant

4)     The above should reach to during 15 to 25 April 2019 to

Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM)
Hislop College Road, Civil lines,  Near Air India,  Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440001
Phone: 0712 –2540920 / 2542961  / 2542979  / 2540913  / 2540922

For further details contact: Mr Sarang Patil – 9922453057   /   9224425777

Pls Download :

Inviation for gallery at RGNIIPM

World IP Day Seminar 26 April 2019


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