Request for contribution to Vidarbha Relief Committee for fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

On 18 May, 2020 from . to . at .

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Dear VIA Members,

 Sub : Request for contribution to Vidarbha Relief Committee for fighting COVID-19 Pandemic
            We are forwarding you herewith an appeal for donation by Dr Sanjeevji Kumar, Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur to all the entrepreneurs and industrial fraternity for supporting and generously contributing as donation for controlling the pandemic and allied relief work for the needy section in the society.
            We humbly request you to generously donate for this Nobel cause.
Thanks & warm regards!

Gaurav Sarda
Hon. Secretary – VIA
Encl : a/a.

Ind._Assn_Appeal for donations to fight against COVID-19 pandemic & allied relief work in Nagpur Division

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