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Program on “My Success Story” 

Sharing his thoughts with the participants, Loksarang Hardas said, he followed his passion in a true spirit and worked hard. “Thought I had never set any specific target in life, I grabbed every opportunity that came my way.” He told this to a gathering here on while speaking at a talk on ‘Our Success Story’ which was organised by the Entrepreneurship Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association at VIA.

For Hasdas, money is by-product of what we do in our life. “Do not focus monetary gains when you chase your dreams. Earning money should not be our aim in life. There are thousands of people who do not have enough money with them but they are very happy in life,” he said.

In the 75 years of history of Nagpur’s Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT), Hardas is perhaps one of the most successful entrepreneurs. After completing B.Tech Chemical Engineering from LIT, he completed his MS degree in Chemical Engineering from City University of New York City College. He did his management course from Nagpur Management Association.

Though he is one of the highly successful entrepreneurs doing wonders in USA, Loksarang Hardas said, he has not planned anything for himself. The Nagpur-born said he only followed his passion and success came his way. Hardas left Nagpur in 1983 and went to US to pursue his higher studies. Very soon, he started manufacturing quite a few cosmetic products in US and today he is Chief Executive Officer of Awesome Products Inc based in Los Angeles, USA. As of now his company is doing annual turnover of Rs 10,000 crore.

While highlighting Hardas principals of purposeful life, he said Six Guiding Principles that I have followed to achieve success in my life i.e. Dream big ! It’s the first step towards success and always remember every beginner is a winner. Passion, absolute conviction, ability to take Risk and desire to work smart and hard are essential ingredients in a man to succeed in life. It’s always better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly. Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s reality. Never let the problems or difficulties in life ever become excuses. And always remember, every adversity has roots of prosperity. Lastly, tough times never last tough people do.

Being a risk taker by nature, he is naturally ambitious and highly passionate person. Loksarang chose to start his own business from scratch in the highly competitive US market in 1983.

From its humble beginning about 33 years back, with sheer hard work, ingenuity and solid commitment, Loksarang has created Awesome Products into multi-million dollar corporation. Awesome Products currently manufactures and distributes over 400 products and about 40 more are in pipeline. The company plans to invest Rs.300cr in MIHAN-SEZ. Awesome products are available in more than 30,000 outlets in US prominent among them are Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart, Sears, Big Lots and Rite Aid Pharmacy, etc. The company produces over

140 crore bottles per annum. Awesome products have features of utilizing recyclable packaging material, anti-animal testing laboratories, high speed production, spacious warehouse facilities and 100 per cent made-in-USA components.

The company is growing rapidly across USA and exports its products to South America, India, Canada, Russia and Australia. In India, Awesome Products are also available in several Dollar Store outlets.

At the outset, Akash Agrawal, Chairman of Entrepreneurship Forum introduced Hardas while Anita Rao, Convernor of the forum conducted the proceeding. Arun Lanjewar, Programme Coordinator and associate of Loksarang Hardas also shared his experiences, routine work. Ashit Sinha, for Vice President of VIA felicitated Hardas with Shawl & Shriphal an also proposed vote of thanks. Girish Deodhar, Treasurer and others were present.

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