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Program on How to protect your Intellectual Property


VIA holds program on ‘How to protect your Intellectual property’

Entrepreneur Cafe in association with Entrepreneurship Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association held a program on ‘How to protect your Intellectual Property’ by Mr. Pankaj Borkar Assistant Commissioner of RJNIPM Nagpur. During the course of the session he highlighted the Importance of Intellectual Property like Patent, Designs, Trade Mark, Copyright etc  in today’s business scenario. According to him the intellectual property is basically the value attached to the intangible, as the intangible cannot be measured. Simple innovation can be patented and one can earn money by commercializing it. Anything from a pen to a safety pin can be patented.


Mr Borkar lamented that in India there is a lack of awareness about the intellectual property rights, while in the western world companies like Samsung , Motorola, IBM, Microsoft etc have capitalized on it and made money and that is the reason why they are the market leaders. According to him in India only 43,400 patents while in the US, Japan etc there are 5 to 6 lac patents every year. This is because in the competitive market, new technology is the need of the hour to stay in the race. Intellectual Property, makes up for 70% value of the Fortune 500 companies.


Mr Borkar highlighted that by protecting the intellectual property one can avoid duplication of effort in innovation. While Patent is only for technology, Trade Mark is for product and logo while copyright can be for written matter, music, album etc . Patent is never given for discovery, it is only given for innovation. According to him by protecting intellectual property, one can get reward for exclusive rights by way of royalty, stop competition, encourage improvement in technology, and benefit maximum number of people. The patent is valid for a period of 20 years after which it is released for the public. Intellectual Property is a great source for generating business and even for availing Bank loan.


Mr Borkar explained that the RJNIPM office of Nagpur situated in Civil Lines is essentially a Training and information centre, while the Regional head office is situated in the Metro cities. He said that all details pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights can be had from their website www.ipindia.gov.in.


At the outset, Mr Pankaj Borkar was accorded a warm welcome by Dr Suhas Buddhe Secretary VIA. The inaugural Chairman’s address was by Akash Agrawal . The speaker was introduced by Saket Chourasia , Convenor Entrepreneur Cafe and the program was conducted by Anita Rao , Convenor Entrepreneur Forum. Shri Ashit Sinha, Mentor VIA proposed a vote of thanks.

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