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Prog My Success Story

VIA  Entrepreneur Forum program ‘My Success Story’ by Foodpreneur Mr. Mukul Kulkarni

Continuing with the series ‘My Success Story’ the Entrepreneur Forum of VIA recently invited Mr. Mukul Kulkarni owner of the immensely successful food joint ‘The Breakfast Story’ to share his success story with the Start-ups and the aspiring foodpreneurs of Nagpur.

A  qualified Architect and an Interior Designer, Mr. Mukul Kulkarni was stuck with the fact that there was no food joint serving the English breakfast with a desi touch , when he arrived at Nagpur once while travelling from Hyderabad to Nagpur and yearned for a hearty breakfast which was so common in the Bistros of Europe. It was then that the idea of starting a ‘zara hatke’ Restaurant took its shape.

Initially his family did not take to the idea, and he had to persuade them a lot to accept his idea.

According to Mr. Kulkarni, Entrepreneurship begins with an idea. But only an idea does not help. The idea has to be backed with fierce passion. But then again, belief in an idea is not enough ,you need the guts and the gumption to take it through- overcoming all the hurdles in the way.

Mr. Kulkarni was lucky that he owned a place so without the burden of paying rent he could start the restaurant which he named ‘ The Breakfast Story’ targeting mainly the young and the urban families who were sure to take up the concept of a Bistro kind of a restaurant . First and foremost Mr. Kulkarni wanted the patrons to have the homely type of experience, foster friendship with people around them and experience a unique ambience and have awesome food.

Using his creative acumen, Mr. Kulkarni designed his Restaurant in such a way that he introduced community tables, introduced a library , decorated the place using old discarded cassettes, comic strips and other recycle material. The entire place was done in such a way that it has a positive impact on ones sight, smell, touch, hear and taste. Even the music played here is very different from what is generally played in regular restaurants. He said that he has always encouraged young chefs, young talents in the field of art and music and book launches.

When it came to food, Mr. Kulkarni and his wife Mrs Jyoti took a personal interest in each and every aspect of serving a dish. According to him, daily fresh food is served with 20% change in menu everyday, which rarely happens in other restaurant. The emphasis is always on Mum/Grand mom type of recipe, which forms the base for the comfort food that is served in their restaurant. The USP of The Breakfast Story is catering to the section of the people who fall in the eggetarian category, who are rarely catered by other restaurant. According to Kulkarni, his restaurant does not serve carbonated drinks, there is no use of MSG, ajenomoto, gelatine or artificial food colour. He proudly admitted that with a 4.9 rating, his restaurant was the no 1 in Zomato and the 3rd best in Trip Advisor. He also has won the Best Start up award.

According to Mr. Kulkarni, The Breakfast Story is one of a kind of restaurant in Nagpur because it was built with passion , wherein he had put all his heart and soul .

Mr. Kulkarni’s advice to all the aspiring entrepreneur is that if one has passion and belief, every dream can become a reality, after all the principles of management remains the same irrespective of the product.

At the outset, the opening address was made by the Chairman of the Forum Mr. Akash Agrawal. The speaker was accorded a floral welcome by Mr. Suresh Rathi, Vice President VIA . The program was conducted by Mrs Anita Rao , Convenor Entrepreneur Forum VIA , who also proposed a vote of thanks.

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05.11.2016 ‘My Success Story’


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