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Presentation on “Innovation Focused Organization must for long term survival”

VIA Entrepreneurship Forum holds ‘Building an innovation focused organization
must for long term survival’,

Dr Anwar Daud, Co-founder & Chairman and Managing Director of Zim Laboratories Ltd., Nagpur said a brilliant innovator possess the five discovery skills of associating,  questioning, networking, observing, and experimenting, while conducting a presentation on ‘Building an innovation focused organization must for long term survival’, at a program organised by Entrepreneurship Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA). He stressed on the meaning of innovation, its importance and impact on society and businesses.

He said on networking, one can experiment with your surroundings and meet intellectuals, where you might stumble upon a great idea.”  He said in B-Schools teach only organizing business, but not how to get an innovative plan/ design. These are some basic skills, which need to be taught in management courses or even at an earlier level to young entrepreneurs to breed Innovations. Innovators hold the power to provide with means and resources to run an entire country.

“An idea or an innovation is not just an epiphany or eureka, but it is the cumulative work of years of studies and practices that grows in the form of a hunch, for any idea to breed, constant efforts and thought process is required. He said. “We need to learn to ask right questions as it gets right answers and is first step towards achieving an idea. Imagine opposite scenarios and try to find solutions for constraints that might arise. He said observing and understanding peculiar habits is important.

Daud said, an innovator should have passion to make something worthwhile. You should be focused, positively energized and persistent towards your goal.”

He advised the participants that in any organizational structure and communication systems bring all employer-employees altogether, we must follow the simple and right sized, encouraging cross-functional and multiple directional communication.  Right balance of system rigidity and informality to prevent imprudent risk taking and facilitate creativity and experimentation. Open to regular review and modification of structure, systems and policies to accommodate all changes required to keep the organization focused.

Daud said important qualities required for executing Innovation i.e. purpose, independent thinking, zeal and passion, focus and simplicity; energy perseverance and optimism.  He also stressed on good leader qualities  i.e. one should be problem solving attitude, good communication, confidence, decision making ability, ability to inspire, honesty and positive attitude. He said leadership requires vision to infuse with a purpose of solving a problem / meeting a need for a paying customer plus it needs commitment and perseverance o execute the Innovation. Final requirement is to be future looking and anticipating.

Earlier, Atul Pande, President – VIA welcomed Dr Anwar Daud with floral bouquet. Atul Pande in his welcome addressed said under stewardship attitude of his make him innovative. Anita Rao, Convener of VIA Entrepreneurship Forum conducted the proceedings and also introduced the speakers. Prof. Ashit Sinha, Ex-Vice President of VIA proposed a formal vote of thanks. Prominently present were Dr Suhas Buddhe, Hon. Sectary – VIA, Omprakash Bagdia, Ex-Vice President – VIA and many industry representatives.

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