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Panel Discussion”Secret of Marketing in New Challenging age”

VIA Marketing Forum holds Panel Discussion “Secret of Marketing in New Challenging age”

Marketing Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organised a panel discussion “Secret of Marketing in New Challenging age” at VIA.

The session was intended to surface out how does companies manage marketing during tough situation and what measures should SME’s take to be consistent in marketing. In today’s competitive business, owners have to handle lots of responsibilities and duties including being in charge of managing finance, operations, product development, marketing management, planning and carrying out the strategies and tactics for bringing the customers through the door.

Eminent panel speakers shared the secret of marketing on the facets for development of their business.

Mr Narendra Jog, Founder of Jog Hospitality Pvt Ltd opined that in Service Industry never say no to the customer. See that customer spends less and gets more satisfaction. He further advised that don’t look at small time big gains rather look at life long relationship with the customer with smaller gains at one time and also ensure that the customer becomes brand Ambassador of your business. He said be helpful to the customer in his needs other than your business, where you don’t get any monetary benefit.

Ms Anumita Bhattacharjee, Global Head (Marketing and Communication) of TCS expressed that in today’s Business 4.0 Era, Digital is a key enabler and through digital you can truly achieve “Mass Personalization” i.e. Segment of One. You need to Live your Brand Positioning, both internally and externally. She advised that every employee of your organization is “Your Brand Ambassador” and during crisis times, triggers your innovation and also propels innovative marketing, which will be helpful for any unit to re-launch / develop their product. She said basics of Marketing remains the same and no matter which industry. She emphasized that understand your customer and markets, which Stay close and Stay Relevant.

Mr R G Paranjpe,  Vice President (Corporate) of Jayaswals Neco Industries Ltd. said one need to review marketing strategy, if there are major changes in business environment. If you can win over customers then demand exists and then only strategies will be needed. One has to look at what appeals to customer and strategies actions should revolve around that theme. He said current age challenges are demographical changes, statutory rules and regulations, challenges due to trade restrictions, technology innovation and economic slowdown.

Mr Yogi Singh, Jt Managing Director from Amitasha Enterprises Pvt Ltd., said that if we can predict the market then we should adopt strategy to diversify in different products as we did in time. We diversified into Solar MMS structures, railway electrification, telecom towers and EPC projects, that is why we could survive. He advocated that before deciding the marketing strategy one should always keep in mind the consumer behavior that is more important.

Ms Mili Juneja, Convener – VIA Marketing Forum moderated the program.

Earlier, Mr Sursh Rathi welcomed Ms Anumita Bhattacharjee and Mr R G Paranjpe; Ms Mili Juneja welcomed Mr Yogi Singh and Ms Anita Rao welcomed Mr Narendra Jog with floral bouquets. Ms Anuja Sharma, Chairperson of VIA Marketing Forum made an opening remark and also introduced the guest speakers. Mr Suresh Rathi, President – VIA in his welcome address said today topics is very important and subject for discussion, when you have seen recession in the market, we should have lots of learning from guest speakers about sells, how to look for new market, exporting, etc. Program was attended by members, entrepreneurs, marketing professional.

VIA Marketing forum presents panel discussion on Secret of Marketing in new challenging age.

Posted by Vidarbha Industries Association on Thursday, October 3, 2019

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