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Panel Discussion on What ails the Business Culture in Vidarbha & How to bring about a sustainable Start-up culture held


A panel discussion on the subject “What ails the Business Culture in Vidarbha & how to bring about a sustainable Star-ups culture similar to the Metro” was organised by VIA Entrepreneurship Forum at VIA Hall.
The panelists were Mr Nitin Gujrathi, Chairman – Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Dr Suhas Buddhe, CMD, BioCare India Pvt Ltd, Mr Saket Chourasia, Chartered Accountant and Business Consultant and Mr Rachit Bhatt owner of Nobre Clothing.
The discussion opened with Mr Rachit Bhatt implying that there are more start-ups in Nagpur than any Metro cities and what we lack is the openness and the fear of failure among start-ups. He attributed it mainly to lack of awareness and financial constraints. He commented that governments strategy to promote start-ups goes a long way in. He quoted the example of the Latin American relatively unknown country Chile, where the government in order to attract the start-ups started the open door policy where in start ups were granted a sum of 45000 USD with the condition that they would shift their office for one year to Chile and avail all the free facilities. Today, there is a glamour among start-ups to open their office in Chile. At the same time the much famed Silicon valley could reach success so fast. So he feels that Indian government should come up with its own open door policy to patronize new entrepreneurs. He said that only when problems gets compounded that the solution come forth. His expectation from VIA was that it should help in  infrastructure and find a way for extending financial assistance for the start-ups to grow.
Mr Saket Chourasia feels that Nagpur too has a great business culture but lacks in self belief, aggressive promotion and good infrastructure. If any startups wishes to flourish it should never accept the situation as it is but should dare to follow the dream. They should overcome their fear of failure and be willing to take risk. Mr Saket feels that Nagpur should in own way try to attract industries to its fold by making efforts to attract the best in business.
Mr Nitin Gujarathi was of the opinion that Entrepreneurs are not born but are made. In the essential 5 factors needed by Entrepreneur is also mentioned in Bhagvad Geeta which includes decision making, knowledge and efforts. He lamented that in India parents are very sceptical about allowing their off springs to take risk and become entrepreneurs. He gave the example of far east where parents are open enough to allow their children to experiment in the beginning of life. While Indians have the best support system by way of family relatives and friends we hardly take advantage and utilize for taking risk. He felt that to be successful one has to be constantly passionate. Another important aspect he stated was that we also make the blunder of not taking the advice of our citizens who have a volcano of knowledge and experience. He also felt that VIA could play a vital role in hand holding the start-ups and build confidence among them.
The fourth panelist Dr. Suhas Buddhe said that an eco system of start ups existed in Nagpur but was not mature enough. He then appraised the gathering about the various role played by VIA in building a healthy eco system for the start-ups. He said that all the parameters required for a healthy business atmosphere were not properly networked. Investment and hand holding should always go hand in hand. A group of good mentors is the need of the hour. He felt that a vibrant incubation is needed either in pvt-govt partnership or with mentors. He gave VIA example of providing various facilities for the start ups like the weekly sales help desk, mentoring etc.
A brief highlight was given by Mr Suresh Rathi, Vice President, VIA and Mr Ashit Sinha, Mentor of VIA Forums about the role of VIA in promoting the Start up ecosystem in Nagpur.
Earlier, Mr Akash Agrawal, Chairman, VIA Entrepreneurship Forum gave the welcome address. The panelists were welcomed by Mr Suresh Rathi and Mr Ashit Sinha. Mr Akash Agrawal moderated the session while Ms Anita Rao, Convener of the Forum coordinated the programme and also proposed a vote of thanks.

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