Notice of the 57th Annual General Meeting & Special General Meeting

On 26 June, 2021 from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Vidarbha Industries Association
1st Floor, Udyog Bhawan Civil Lines, Nagpur – 440 001, M.S. India
Tel : 0712-2554090 / 2561211
Email : Website :

Ref : AGM/57                                                                                     5th June, 2021


Dear Members,

NOTICE is hereby given that the 57th Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting of the members of Vidarbha Industries Association will be held at VIA Hall, Udyog Bhawan, Civil Lines, Nagpur – 440 001 on Saturday, the 26th June, 2021 at 4.00 P.M. to transact the following business :


1. To receive and adopt the Annual Report for 2020-2021

2. President’s Address.

3. To receive and adopt the audited Statements of Accounts for the year ended 31.3.2021.

4.  To appoint Auditors & in this connection to pass with or without modification(s) the following resolution “Resolved that retiring Auditors M/s Loya Bagdi & Co (CA) being eligible for reappointment be and are hereby appointed to hold office from the conclusion of this AGM until the conclusion of the next AGM on a remuneration of Rs.25000 plus 18% GST

5. To elect members of the Executive Committee.

6. Special Business at Special General Meeting :

To confirm the Resolution passed for amendments in the Constitution at the General Meeting of the Association held on 27.05.2021 and to pass following resolution.

Resolved that this meeting confirm Special Resolution passed at General Meeting of members of Vidarbha Industries Association and do hereby approve the amendments to the various clauses of the Articles of Association as annexed to this resolution.”

7.  To transact any other business with the permission of the chair.

All the members of the Association are cordially requested to attend the meeting in time.



Gaurav Sarda
Hon Secretary – VIA


1)     Nomination Form.
2)    Explanatory Note regarding Election.
3)    Election Rules.
4)    Statement of Accounts.
5)     VIA (Proposed Revision of Article of Association)
6)     Amended Constitution if proposed amendments are approved
7)     Minutes of General Meeting


  1. As per Article 17(b) the meeting shall be adjourned if quorum is not present within half an hour, and such adjourned meeting shall be held at the same place after one hour of the appointed time and quorum shall not be necessary for such ad­journed meeting.
  2. Queries, if any, regarding accounts may kindly be sent to VIA office in writing before 26th June 2021 to enable us to keep the information ready.

* The First Executive Committee Meeting of Non Retiring and Newly   elected members will be held on 26th June 2021, immediately after the Annual General Meeting.

Enclosures :

57th AGM Notice with Enclosures 1, 2, 3

Encl 4a. VIA Balance Sheet 2020-21

Encl 4b. VIA Income & Expenditure Ac 2020-21

Encl 5. VIA (Proposed revision of article of asso.)


Encl 7. Minutes of GM 27.05.2021

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