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Mr. Atul Pande, reelected as President for third term

Mr. Atul Pande, reelected as President for third term

Mr.  Atul Pande, was unanimously reelected as President of Vidarbha Industries Association for the third consecutive year.  Mr. Suhas Buddhe was elected as Honorary Secretary.


The new team for the year 2016-17 is as follows :


  1. Mr. Atul Pande                                          President
  2. Mr. Suresh Rathi                                      Vice President
  3. Mr. Prashant Mohota                             Vice President
  4. Mr. O. S. Bagdia                                       Vice President
  5. Mr. Girish Deodhar                                 Treasurer
  6. Mr. Suhas Buddhe                                   Hon. Secretary
  7. Mr. Pankaj Bakshi                                   Joint Secretary
  8. Mr. Girdhari Mantri                                Joint Secretary
  9. Mr. Naresh Jakhotia                               Joint Secretary


Mr. Hargovindji Bajaj, Patron Member




Mr. Prafull Doshi,  Immediate Past President

Mr. Pravin Tapadia, Past President

Mr. Suresh Agrawal, Past President

Mr. Rohit Bajaj

Mr. Anil Parakh

Mr. Ashit Sinha

Mr. Rohit M Agrawal

Mr. Aditya Saraf

Mr. Gaurav Sarda

Mr. R B Goenka

Mr. Satyanarayan Nuwal

Mr. Hemant Lodha

Mr. Akash Agrawal

Mr. Kush Bajaj

Mr. Shailesh Suchak

Mr. Vishal Agrawal

Mr. Surendra Lodha

Mr. Ashok Agrawal

Mr. Pratik Tapadia

Mr. Rakesh Surana

Mr. Yagyesh Surjan

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