Meeting with Textile Commissioner

On 10 November, 2014

Forum: Taxation & Corporate Law Forum

Speaker: Ms. Richa Bagla, at Office of Textile Commissioner .The meeting was attended by Mr. Kush Bajaj, Joint Secretary & Mr. Praveen Rander, EC Member. The agenda of meeting

Suggestions submitted to be incorporated in the forthcoming Central Textile Policy.

1) Policy issues :- For eg:- Labour policies, power tariffs higher in our area, cut in subsidy for specific sectors, special impetus required to certain sectors like technical textiles etc.
2) Operational issues :- For eg :- Previously there were 3 changes of bank allowed during tenure of TUF subsidy which has been made 1 now, problems in getting UID etc.
Details: Mr. Kush Bajaj, Joint Secretary or Mr. Praveen Rander, Chairman, Entrepreneurs’’ Forum.
Mr. Praveen Rander said the government wants to develop Textile Park. State Government also wanted to implement schemes. It was also discussed that the issues will be taken up at local office at Nagpur.

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