Meeting with MITCON

On 22 January, 2015

Forum: Taxation & Corporate Law Forum

Speaker: Shri Kundan Kumar, Asstt Vice President of MITCON, Pune

Made a presentation on Skill Development on 22nd Jan at VIA. It was decided that to collect data from Associations of Vidarbha region, Identifying Clusters, 100 Samples from each districts be collected Size of Companies should be covering Large, Medium and Small Scale units, Focus on Skill Development, CSR Activities of Companies, which indirectly supporting nearby ancillary units, etc. VIA requested to provide template of earlier reports prepared by MITCON. As informed by Shri Kumar that Potential Clusters data base already available with MITCON. Shri Atul Pande, President, Shri Ashit Sinha, VP, Shri Rohit Agrawal, Hon Secretary, Shri Girish Deodhar, Shri Rajesh Mishra, Director – MITCON, Nagpur and Shri Suryavanshi from KEP participated in the discussions. Presentation prepared by Shri Ashit Sinha on SkillDV also shown and discussed.

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