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IIEFA Conference 2016 on 5th, 6th & 7th Feb 2016 at VNIT Nagpur

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Preamble : MSME is the most significant contributor in the country’s growth.

There is need to –

  • Reduce dependence on imports & increase self-reliance.
  • Enhance role of govt labs, academia and other innovators.
  • Innovations and spin offs be used by Industries.
  • Facilitate MSME, who have been facing difficulties in adopting Indian patents.


MSME is invited to participate in this conference, if they have any of the aspirations given below –

I want to …

  • Increase my production
  • Improve quality of my product
  • Modify my process to reduce cost
  • Reduce my dependency on imported material or ….

I want to …

  • Diversify my business
  • Participate in Make-in-Maharashtra
  • Participate in Smart City Project
  • I don’t want to depend on one Industry

But I don’t know ….

  • Whom to approach for product modification?
  • Where will I get Indigenous technology?
  • Who can help me to modify my process?
  • Who can suggest me a field to diversify?


If this is so, then this conference is for you. If you have above mentioned issues,

Please tell us. We will facilitate. You will find solution to your problem in this conference

How ….?

  • Your problems will be sent to Research labs, Institutes
  • Researcher will come to conference with solutions that they have.
  • You can interact with researcher
  • Adopt their technology or Tie up with them to get suitable solution


So all you have to do is, give us your details in enclosed format. 

  • existing product range, core technical capabilities,
  • brief description of technical problem or any new product/process to be developed


The Conference thrust areas are –

  • Energy (Conservation, Renewable, Alternate)
  • Agriculture (Food Security, Food Access, Fiber, Climate, Insurance)
  • Environment (Pollution Control, Safe Water, Waste Recycling)
  • Health, Medicine & Biotechnology (Low-cost Diagnostics, Disease Prevention, Malnutrition, Aayush, Drug Design, Biomedical Engg)
  • Modern S&T(Automotive, Space, Nuclear, Defense, Advance Materials, Micro & Nano)
  • Sustainable Development (Education, Infrastructure Development, Poverty Alleviation through Rural Technologies. Happy Villages, Smart Cities)


Conference Builders

Sh. Devendra Fadnavis Hon’ble Chief Minister Maharashtra


Sh. Nitin Gadkari,

Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport & Shipping

Shri. Kalraj Mishra,

Hon’ble Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble minister  of S&T &  Earth Sciences Shri Chandrashekhar Bavankule,

Hon’ble Min. of Energy, Maharashtra and Palak Mantri

Shri. Subhash Desai,

Hon’ble Min. of Industry, Maharashtra

Chief Patron Chief Mentor Mentor Mentor Mentor Mentor


Vijnan Bharti (ViBha), Nagpur; is therefore organizing a conference of a different kind to facilitate meeting the above requirement.

The participants of this conference are Micro/Small/Medium scale industry who are looking for technological solution to their problems by scientists, researchers, innovators from CSIR, DRDO, ISRO, ICAR, ICMR, Academic institutions such as IIT, NIT, University departments. In addition incubation facilitators such as SID, SINE, NID, TIFAC; facilitators such as Financial Institutes, Banks, Venture Capital, start-up investors, Federations such as CII, FICCI, MCC etc., will all be participating. There will also be budding entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in Lab to Land, Lab to Product.


Conference Advisors

Dr Anil Kakodkar Former Chair AEC; Dr Vijay Bhatkar, Param Supercomputer fame; Dr V K Saraswat, Member-Niti Aayog; Dr Girish Sahani, DG-CSIR; Dr. S Ayyapan, Secretary DSIR & DG ICAR, Dr P D Mujumdar, Ex-ISRO; Dr Karunakaran, Founder Dir MGIRI and Dr Anil Sahasrabuddhe, Chairman, AICTE.


Technical Advisory Board

Dr S R Wate NEERI for Environment. Dr K Kranti CCRI for Agriculture, Dr Ajay Mathur BEE for Clean Energy, Dr Dinesh Kumar NIN for Nutrition & Health, Dr Raj Hirwani CSIR-URDIP for Patent Informatics, Dr Prabhat Ranjan TIFAC for technology Trends, Dr R Dolas RGSTF for Sustainable Dev, Dr P M Parlewar MSME-DI for Industry Facilitation, and Dr N Chaudhari VNIT for Innovations in Academia.


For more details please –

IIEFA Flyer (Download)

IIEFA Questionnaire for Industry (Download)

Website : www.iiefa-conference.com



IIEFA 2016 Conference

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