HRD Forum : Second Training Session of Leadership Development Series programme

On 04 April, 2015 from From 10:30 AM. to 5.30 AM at VIA Hall

Forum: HRD Forum

Speaker: Mr Sandeep Phanse, Escalader Innovation Consulting

Second Training Session of Leadership Development Series

(Only for Registered Delegates)


Topic 1   :    Creativity in Problem Solving

(Competency : Problem Solving )

Leaders need to do problem solving at every stage and the more complex  problems need more creative out look . This module helps the participants to analyze the steps in problem  solving in a systematic manner.

Tools to uncover the Problem Sources

  • Eight Step Problem Solving Process
  • Value of Collective Idea Generation and Application

Topic 2 :  Leadership Development

(Competency : Leadership )

This module will help the participants identify the stages of Leadership and  connect with them .  The session also looks at perspectives to build Leadership Equity .

Leadership Categories

  • Seven Key Stages of Leadership
  • Building Leadership Equity


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