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HRD FORUM : workshop on “Organization Development and Coaching for Transformation”

Mr Yadwadkar was conducting a workshop on

“Organization Development and Coaching for Transformation”

at a programme organized by VIA HRD Forum.


Organization Development is about improving performance at the individual, group and organizational levels. It is about improving the organization’s ability to effectively respond to change in its external environment and effectively meet it’s internal challenges. It’s about increasing internal capabilities by ensuring the organizational structures, human resources system, job designs, communication systems and leadership/managerial processes fully harness human participation, and help people function to their full potential, said  Mr Rahul Yadwadkar, Certified Executive Coach  & Organization Development Practitioner.

Mr Yadwadkar was conducting a workshop on “Organization Development and Coaching for Transformation“ at a programme organized by VIA HRD Forum.

Elaborating on the subject, he said such improvement can be transformation-producing fundamental changes in the way individuals, groups and organization function. He said continuous feedback tools not only measure the current  state but also identify what needs to be focused on to improve effectiveness in terms of building on strengths and overcoming stumbling blocks. When people receive feedback based on a reliable and valid assessment that highlights what is helping and hindering effectiveness at the individual, group, and/or organization levels, then they can build strategies for improvement. The process is quite simple, he said. Its built on a test-action-retest approach. Whether at the individual, group, or organizational level, the process remains the same – measure what is currently happening, develop strategies for change, implement these, and then re-test to evaluate the effectiveness of the change strategies.

Action, based on feedback, cannot be effective unless awareness and acceptance are first achieved. Acceptance cannot occur until awareness is achieved, so it is essential that the feedback process follows these steps in a facilitative, disciplined manner.


With case study examples, group discussions & team activities, Mr Yadwadkar explained the essence of Organisation Development & Executive Coaching in a simple, lucid yet comprehensive manner that the participants could relate to. The workshop came alive with the wholehearted & enthusiastic involvement of the participants who were encouraged to discuss their real life business challenges, and provide each other with potential possibilities to deal with these challenges. The  workshop, thus, took the forum of a live lab where new business experiments were mooted & discussed with much gusto.

Earlier, Mr Girish Deodhar, Chairman of HRD Forum, introduced the speaker while Mr Ashit Sinha, Vice President – VIA delivered the welcome address. The programme was designed mainly for apex management of the level of CEO, MD, Director, President and Chairman of the industrial fraternity.

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