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HRD Forum : Panel Discussion on “Managing External Leaders”

HRD Forum organizes Panel Discussion on “Managing External Leaders”

HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association, organsied a Panel Discussion on “Managing External Leaders” at VIA recently.  Eminent panelists were Mr Anil Lakaswar, Addl Commissioner of Labour,  Nagpur, Dr. G S Mohod, GM of ER&D of Ex-Mahindra & Mahindra Limited having experience of more than 3 decades; Mr Jayant Vyas, GM- HR of Birla Corporation (Cement Division) having experience of more than 2 decades; Mr Bhupendra Shahane,  GM- HR of Pee Vee Textiles Limited, having more than 2 decades of experience. The program was moderate by Sanjay Deo.

Mr Anil Lakaswar, Addl Commissioner of Labour advised the participants that if the management and human resources maintain a good relation with their labours, they could not tend form a union, be it external or internal.  Although we do not have a say in which type of union the labours form, we can certainly avoid it. We have seen companies run smoothly for over 75 years without a labour union at all.

The panelists spoke about their experiences of dealing with labour unions and shared tips to the participants.

Dr G S Mohod said the causes for formation of labour unions was discontentment brews among labours, when they think that the management is not worried about them and that it fails in providing them their rights or exploits them. This is the basic cause of union formation, which can be easily avoided.  He said having a sympathetic approach goes a long way to win trust of their employees/labours.  An HR Manager should be compassionate and empathetic. Many times, pacifying union leader’s ego works in company’s favour and manager should not be reluctant to do so,” said Dr Mohod.

Mr Jayant Vyas said, starting a dialogue is crucial since it facilitates transparency between management and labour unions. also, this ensures that the issues get resolved internally and no external leaders get involved”

Mr Bhupendra Shahane said that working in union-free company since 28 years, the key to this is to maintain an amiable relationship with workers. Leading a workforce of over 12,000 labours, we make sure that the management takes part in each labours joys, sorrows and family functions.  He said maximum output can be achieved by positively reinforcing the labour force.  We have family visits where spouses and parents are told about their role in company. This boosts their confidence and they feel that they contribute.

Earlier, Hemant Lodha, Chairman of VIA HRD Forum welcomed Dr. G S Mohod and Anil Lakaswar; Prof Ashit Sinha, former Vice President VIA welcomed Jayant Vyas and Anita Rao, Past Chairperson VIA LEW welcomed Bhupendra Shahane with floral bouquets. Hemant Lodha gave his welcome address said today’s topic is relevant from the perspective of every organizations, who wish to grow their business with hassle free environment; good relation with workers / labours will always increase productivity of your company. Suresh Pandiwal, Co- Chairman of VIA HRD Forum made opening remarks. Neelam Bowade, Convener HRD Forum conducted the proceedings and also introduced the speakers. Prof Ashit Sinha proposed a formal vote of thanks and said management has to be a proactive and managers should play a role as a good leader in the organization and it will be not required external leaders from outside. He said communication between management and workers and working together approach helps to achieve organizational goals.

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